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Thursday, February 28, 2008

SCreWLoose (hum 2 Footloose tune)

Man i just had 10 hours to interact with alot of people for filming
including STEVEN LIM!
Man oh man is he Screw loose!
EVERY moment he spent in front of camera
he was saying or doing something WEIRD!
Like constantly singing or thinking he was some Street fighter character!

I am really tired and the situation with my arm is kind of worse
off then it was before!
For 4 days now my right arm has been a darker red and my whole arm is swollen.
IT feels exactly like when you hang your head off the side of the bed,
except this time its my arm , so there's a constant blood rush to it!
I paid $12 bucks near by to get a doctor telling me that since there isn't any pain
when he touches it, there isn't anything wrong?!?!?!?
Okay time to NOT be lazy and go get a 2nd opinion and perhaps a specialist!

Got auditions tomorrow and script readings
and as explained to alot of people, out of 10 auditions it's likely you can get 3 or 4.
Less then half, yes well it means lots of traveling and lots of disappointment
and being PATIENT!!!

Oh today's ST Urban came out in which you see my posing with the
Redbull Racing Car in Guess and Gucci and an accompanying article
about alternative Beauty Pageants such as the La formula Una.
In all honest truth it isn't really qualified anything near as a pageant and more
of an F1 Program just for Female Fans.

It truly is a ONCE in a lifetime treat
that I went to 2 times last year to get the
REAL sights, sounds and smells of track life and get up, close and personal with.....
no not the drivers but the F1 cars, the mechanics
FULL Paddock and Pit access!
I think people don't undersatdn how much this costs!!!
We are talkiing int the thousands and thousands and getting that Full access,
is virtually impossible!!!!!!
Saturday will be the La Formula Una Selection Party at M by the River!

Okay well just a random insert..who gave Tila Tequila her own reality show???
Hahaha no doubt shes hot in an " I love airheads and Asian Chicks" kinda way,
but makes for good entertainment if your into fake tans,boobs, wannabe lesbians,
and some kinda skanks who want a cheap shot at FAME!!!

Look out for the Cat fight at the end!!! Only thing exciting!!

Okay will end off here!!!
I've been given a time limit to sleep at 2am ,
well mostly because I sleep late?
Very Late like 4-5am??
Okay anyhow off to bed!

Claire-Louise Jedrek


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A world without Sleeping & EAting!

I might just like that world!!!
One because I sleep late anyway (last night 3)
and wake up usually before noon (today was 8am)... Don't you Ever get lazy sometimes eating as well??
I mean sometimes when your uber hungry
but somehow enough you don't feel like eating and unless it is something specific...

Okay random!!

So I have filming for ANOTHER episode of Nokia's Nseries 14days today
So that will be coming to you Shortly after a short break due to Chinese New Year.

Tomorrow will be filming again and Friday its Auditions
and Yes-
Friday Night Football at Jalan Basah Stadium once again,
so be sure to catch a glimpse of me at 7ish!

Was catching up on the US Elections this week &
somehow enough from a strong lead,
Senator Hilary Clinton is now lagging behind in the polls,
as well as losing 11 states straight in a row before the primaries.

Will it be an Obama vs. McCain Elections this year then?

Short living Clinton's dreams of being the 1st Woman president of the USA?

EXCITING stuff!!! Especially amidst scandals of an extramarital affair for McCain !!!!

Other random info- Apparently this has been one of the lowest viewership's
for this years Oscars!

Did anyone Catch it???
I LOVE the Oscars-and the Grammy's and etc....

But I woke up late and was out when the re-cast was shown
I WAS upset but apparently I didn't miss much hey???

I caught 'Fools Gold' yesterday afternoon with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.
A simple airy movie-Nothing special AT all

based around the falling apart marriage of the 2
and how sunken treasure brings them back again!
Only thing good about it was KateHudon in my view-Very fit tone body.

Not my cuppa tea of a movie-more of a DVD buy!

Funny thing is in the middle of the movie
my Best friend Daphne
from Secondary school calls me from Perth
where shes been living for the last 8-9 years and tells me
she's having a Kid!!!

I of course Almost choke on my Ice Tea.
I'm in utter shock because Daffers has never really been one to hold someone down

She was always the free spirit that I Loved......

I can't believe it and she has called to excitedly tell me,

Last time was over Xmas.
Wow-Slowly all my friends are kidding Married or Having kids:S
I honestly thought I'd be married or atleast have kids before her...

I'm still in shock....

Well time for me to get packed and Ready and make a move on,

My Cat is Annoying the hell out of me for his non-stop whinging
and need for entertainment. Long day ahead so have a great day at work every one!!!!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tecktonik Mania

As you can see my new video is Yelle 's "a cause des garçons" tepr remix. The dance in the video is Called Tecktonik sweeping Europe at the moment. It's rather hilarious to watch and my sister i France sent me this video last year, though the music is pretty good, though the Original by Yelle is slightly different!

Just some ups on this new trend which I've Actually SEEN hit the shores of Sunny Singapore is a blend of Hip hip and Techno-yes the two most opposite kind of music! The Haters have mixed!!!
Hahaha it really sounds Electro to me - a Mish Mash I gotta say but here's the main website, click on the picture!!!

And Heres a little how to dance Tecktonic Table-
Hahaha notice how the clothes are rather 80's with the solid colours
and old Nike or Reebok high tops, sweaters and tight Jeans-
Something that should stay in the 80's or should it make a Comeback?????

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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My BLeacHed BRaiN!

So last week my hair was bleached and dyed Ash brown
for a Canon shoot
which happened the whole day Saturday!!!
I spent 2 days prior to Saturday rehearsing for it!!!!

All i can say was not only did i spend 7 hours doing the hair,
filming was something like 17hours!!!
and I had minimal sleep!!!

Not only that at 1am all the talents hit Attica to bring out some of the Aussie talents
that were in Singapore only for the shoot and were leaving the Very next day!
Made some new friends which is always a pleasant thing!!!

Sunday was spent resting as much as I can-oh-

Not to mention i made a small introduction to the
Friday Night Football Live

2008 NTUC Income Yeo's Sleague on Friday between Albirex Niigata and SAF FC!!! So something different all right!!!
Thanks for the messages from friends and you guys who managed to catch it!!!

Besides the Blondie hair I IMPULSIVELY cut Bangs, time for a different look!!! But i will be dying my hair back darker, this blond look is insane to maintain
and i actually have never spent so much on SHampoo and Conditioner before:(

OOoooo and shoes from Nine West!!!! You like???



Claire-Louise Jedrek


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Playeur Journal Launch

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm Now BLONDE.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 Hous in a Hair salon for a shoot on Saturday...

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The Insomniac Cat
3.53 am

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Monday, February 18, 2008

ST Urban Last week-Bag Page

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Like it Or not!

A group I love alot for their lyrics and older tunes will be in town7th of March....INCUBUS!!!!!
Their concert will be held at Fort Canning Park for S$125 so for fans be sure to grab em' at Sistic outlets!!!
Moving on , I had a chilled weekend with alot of sleep but I guess its a counter action to my very late nights. I have a tendency to sleep in the early hours and wake up early- relatively.

I have some pictures I didn't post up of the events i attended on the 13th, the Valentines Event held at the Marriott hotel pool, which I went down to with Natalie foster, Alessia Zuliani and happened to meet Nicole Chen and alot of other random people! The event itself had alot of randoms!

14th itself I was working doing my first mini hosting job, which was a small thing for Rendezvous by Lexean and it was sponsored by Four seasons (where it was held), Dior Cosmetics and Veuve Cliquot! I was picked up after and headed to Le Noir for a couple of chilled drinks where I met Alessia and her friend Nicholas. The boys all went back and I went off home after a Maccers-yes tsk tsk for late night eating, but fact was I hadn't eaten any Dinner on Valentines!!!

Friday I had an amazing night from Mimolette and to Rupee Room, in which I had always wanted to check out. It had an amazing vibe and Hindi tunes and Bhangra Beats. A friend who had given me a ride in his Lambo from Mimolette took us into Ruby and it felt like I had stepped right in to a Bollywood movie!!!People were really friendly and we all had a good dance for about an hour and a half!!! I'm definitely a new fan of that place!!!And of course not forgetting our bodies shaked our way down to Attica- our all time favourites!

Friday I also had a shoot early in the day before the Chingay parade with the F1 car i mentioned in an earlier post. Clothes were sponsored by Gucci and Guess and the shoes were amazing!!!
This shoot is for ST Urban again, for next week I believe so be sure to watch out!
In which I'll end here with a link and perhaps a picture of the Urban from last week and the CLEO Magazine cover for March!!! Thanks to all my friends and people who have left comments on here and personally through the emails.
I appreciate the support!!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Below 42 Marriott Hotel - 13th February

Alessia, Me, Natalie and Nicole

Zouk ABOVE and Beyond - 10th February!

My Bestie Alicia

The old Sk8 boys-P, Hart and Shing

Aaron and Debbie

Stew McIntosh and Phil Poon

Leon aka DJ Inquisitive

PS. I will Post Pictures Of 2007 gone by... was The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & and the AMAZING but none the less, some fantastic memories!!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Empty chocolates

It's weird how despite not one being to celebrate Valentines Day it looms over one's head like a big black cloud. Well maybe white and fluffy to someone else, but in a pessimistic view, it's a constant reminder of Love and what it is and what you want it to be, marriage, kids, future and blah, blah blah...
For others its time out to give that 'other' special person some thought (& i honestly think why can't you think about your other half on any other day not just because its V-day), perhaps because they get caught up and to the more extreme, Chocolates, Flowers, Dinner date and Nothing less!

Okay well my other half for the time being, painted my nails a nice Fuchsia and did an Amazing job. Big hugs and massive kisses to Alessia, yes box no.7!!! Talk about perfectionist in all ways, I felt like I was a school girl with fingers stretched out in front of me and if i flinched the slightest, a nice thin rattan cane would come down swiping away at my fingers...Ouch!

I spent the better half of my day running after people doing my errands, and it really is quite tiring being on your bike for 3 hours. You tend to lose concentration in the midst of Traffic and i had to shake my head to snap out of my Zoning!

Well perhaps because as well I went over to a friends house for a swim, which was actually quite tiring after doing laps and messing around in the pool!
Of course my double trouble partner Alessia, had her first shoot with me yesterday and we were a bouncy , bubbly bottle of chatter and someone had left an Afro wig on the table, we then spent the better half of an hour taking pictures and amusing ourselves...Our theme: DIVA's and QUEENS - and boy do we know some!

Hmm somethings on the side the Elections grows closer and last week I spent alot of time in front of my computer watching all of the debates between Clinton and Obama and war time veteran McCain, the rest we need not mention as they aren't doing so well. Already this is movie material!!! A White woman vs a Black man running for president. This really is history in the making and this has to be one of the most exciting Elections!

I definitely am a Democratic supporter and I like both Clinton and Obama, but Clinton without doubt has the stronger say and has evidence of what she has done for Health care which is one of their key issues. Also a big issue is homeland security and Clinton seems to have gotten all of this under her belt.
As much as I Like Obama and he has written history already, Clinton is much more prepared for this and has proven what she has done for the people as well. She has her fair share of black supporters and it will be an uphill battle for Obama who has been doing exceedingly well in the latest states.

A time for Change and Yes Change is hard,
but the United States needs to move the Republicans over for new times ahead and repair what is damaged! They don't need more money pumped into Defense as Bush did , and though he meant well for the country, it seems to be run by the Oil and Meat industry, not what they can do for the people! Wow...too long too long...Nobody cares for all this nonsense except those into the elections...Just an interest of mine!

Okay on a MUCH lighter note, I'm hosting a Valentines Event tomorrow at the Four Seasons for Veuve Cliquot and then Friday I have a shoot for Urban Again, this time the front cover in relations with the F1, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers licked.

LoVe RavE KANYE - DO u?

Flashing Lights
Flashing Lights
Flashing Lights
FLashing Lights

She dont belive in shooting stars
but she believes in shoes and cars
Wood floors in the new apartment
Couture from the store's department
You more like love to start shit
Im more of da, trips to florida
orda the hors d'oeuvres, views of da water
strait from a page of your favorite author
And the weather is so breazy
man why cant life always be this eazy
she in the mirror dancing so sleazy
I get a call, like where are you deazy
I tried to hit you with the o wokie
till i got flash by the popuratzi
dang these niggas got me
i hate these niggas more than nazis

As i recall I know you love to show off
But I never thought that you would take it this far
But what do i know
Flashing Lights
What do I know
Flashing Lights

as i recall I know you love to show off
but i never thought that you would take it this far
but what do i know
flashing lights
what do i know
flashing lights

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Helter skelter

Well apparently the Cleo magazine is out in stands, so show some support and get a copy or just go borders to flick through..or??? borrow a girl friends copy? hahaha,
I have front cover and 6 pages inside, so should be interesting! I have yet to see it for myself.

I also haven't seen the Valentines shoot for channel 5 I did with one of the Dond boys! He's basically chasing me all over Singapore because we've had an argue but I let him into the cab eventually and go in for a 'kiss'- but none taken don't worry!

I'll load up my Urban Page from last week and the rest when I get the chance.
Well CNY came and went !!! Another week and back to work! GOt shoot tomorow and then event for Veuve at Four Seasons...
I really should go for the extra dance classes!!

Aight well Over and Out
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, February 08, 2008

a dedi to myself

WITH A SMILE- Eraserheads

Lift your head, baby, don't be scared
Of the things that could go wrong along the way
You'll get by with a smile
You can't win at everything but you can try.

Baby, you don't have to worry
'Coz there ain't no need to hurry
No one ever said that there's an easy way
When they're closing all their doors
And they don't want you anymore

This sounds funny but I'll say it anyway.

Girl I'll stay through the bad times
Even if I have to fetch you everyday
I'll get by if you smile
You can never be too happy in this life.

In a world where everybody
Hates a happy ending story

It's a wonder love can make the world go round
And don't let it bring you down
And turn your face into a frown
You'll get along with a little prayer and a song.

Lift your head, baby, don't be scared
Of the things that could go wrong along the way
You'll get by with a smile
Now it's time to kiss away those tears goodbye

Thursday, February 07, 2008

ST Urban and La formula Una

Thanks to friends and to all of you for the about the Straits Times Urban Page today. Was really only a simple article about what was in my bag and talking about the Redbull La formula Una program for ladies and the F1. To apply go to this website:

Thing is Singapore is sending 2 winners this year to Brazil. Because Malaysia doesn't not have a Main Red bull office, Singapore will send someone from Singapore to Sepang and the winner of that will go to Brazil. Application dates start now till February 29th so don't forget to sign up for this AMAZING , once in a life time experience. The red carpet treatment, limos, best hotels and apartments, best restaurants and clubs , not forgetting amazing company AND Free flow champagne, haha.

Of course not everyone should apply unless they enjoy the F1 or want to genuinely learn more about it. They gotta be spontaneous, out going and be all out to make new fiends not from Singapore but of course 17 other beautiful women from all around the world once in Brazil!

Okay, enough said... hope all stocked up on the pineapple tarts and got a good collection of red packets(for those not married)..

I'm out...
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong Hei Fatt Choy

Did i get that Right?
Well since My "chinese" bloodline is Cantonese, I made a sudden decision to wish EVeryone a GReat Chinese New Yar and yes growing up in Singapore, Iv'e heard all the funny little ditty's of "Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ang Pow Na Lie...or well I'm not so good at this Hanyu Pinyin thing and kind of wrote it how it sounds like, but I think you guys kind of understand.

By the way , I Never learnt mandarin in all my 13 years here, French was my 2nd language in school, so Yes SHAME on ME and I promise my self to take up some sort of course this year as a Resolution, to keep to One half of my 'Asian' roots ( I hear my self called that SOOoooo Often in recent times- Any guesses who? - Yes You know who I'm talking about) and well people speak the mandarin language the most in the world so figures.

Anyway in more recent years I've been too busy to celebrate CNY, but my mum goes all out to decorate the place, oranges and CNY decorations, just like Christmas, in which my mum goes mental on decorating the place, which actually is a good thing, but also very frustrating!

Which brings me to the Zodiac and Feng Shui. Yes this house is a Feng Shui convert with items I don't know much meaning about and as much as i HATE believing in all the Fuddy Duddy, I can't help but read up on my Zodiac. Year of the Dog, some
say Natural born bitch, hah, cheesy I know, but I seem to portray not too bad characteristics!

Ooooo nice day, finally sorry, a distraction, sitting in my sisters room, which I kind of moved into the day she moved to France, why? I dunno, my rooms kind of depressing for all sorts of random reasons, who knows I don't want to dwell into that, but it's a complete storage room now for all my things and much to my mum's chagrin, who is a neat freak!

Anyway, I also forgot to mention it was my sisters birthday on the 2nd of February, so I had a nice long chat with her and kind of choked up, because i miss her so much and I hadn't realised it. Seeing all her pictures on Facebook, makes me wish I c
ould go see her for a while like right now. I Miss Toulouse, the friends are amazing and would be good to go up to that 3 storey cabin and go try kill myself Snow Boarding again! Maybe I should try skiing next time!!!

Well i think it's just stress making me want to escape from this place, not that I want to leave what I have behind that is important to me- I just need some place, with no familiar faces, no gossip, no bitching , no miserable people - a place with a good vibe! Well and I guess I need someone familiar to talk to, because I feel like I'm around alot of people I don't know and don't care really much- and at least with her I can do what I want and be me and talk and talk and talk and catch up!

As I was saying she has moved into a new apartment with her BF, on a road aptly named cemetery road, as it's next to a cemetery! Ha! But how exciting to have her own place! In which I've been trying to find some or looking through ad's for shared apartments. It's not a difficult thing really, just that finding a place closer to town and something which won't create a huge whole in my pocket and well hopefully not with a creep-o. I have a few friends who are looking but aren't ready just yet, so might have to wait because with a friend would be a lot nicer!

Oh been following up on he Presidential races quite a bit and what an exciting Elections this will be!!! One a woman and one black, sounds more like a m
ovie. Tonnes of spoofs are out from Mad TV already and Hilary Clinton has been dubbed "Hitlery Clinton", haha. Thank God the Democratic s are back in Power. I can't imagine what the atmosphere must be like during these times. Imagine... A Black President and Woman VP or, a Woman President and Black VP. amazing- movie stuff right there!

Okay well, I shall go be bored and unentertained else where and stop writing books, I nearly wrote one last night, well till I got tired that is!

Once again have a VERY happy Chinese NY
-good luck on the ang pow's to those unmarried -wink

Claire-Louise Jedrek
Best Friends from Poly,Rae and Jojo at Jo's house last week!
P.S. Apparently CLEO for March is out so go catch it, I did Front cover and a 6 page spread in side!!! You don't need to buy it, you can go Borders and flick through- haha!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Superbowl funnies

Adverts going on during the supewrbowl that are pretty funny, this one takes the cake on the top 5 from Yahoo!!

and well this one just makes the Audi R8 sound sexy , I'd hump the car!!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Because you annoy Me

I think there are some days where people just are generally annoying,

1) people who can't talk properly without some kind of Annoying tone in their voice..
2) others just talk too much as encountered at 6am the other morning while walking out a club and
3) others who just talk unnecessarily, especially when you don't know them and don't have any intention of knowing them or entertaining them.

Okay anyway, that aside, had an Interview with Berita Harian (Malay newspaper for those who don't know) about a piece on the Formula One and me being an ambassador for the Red Bull La Formula Una Program this year for Sepang! So had a Maccers breakfast, yes i know, not particularly healthy but oh so tasty when you feel starved!

That brings me to news I was reading up on Lewis Hamilton for McLaren.... F1 politics all over again! Apparently he got racist abuse from Spanish fans during testing at the Montmelo circuit in Barcelona, being called "puto negro" (fucking black) and "negro de mierda" (black shit). According to,

"Hamilton, who finished runner-up in last year's championship, has become a hate figure in Spain because of his rivalry with former McLaren team mate Fernando Alonso who now drives for Renault."

Well it will be REALLY Exciting coming to the Chingay 2008, because it will have Singapore's 1st ever REAL working Formula One Car brought in by Redbull and should the weather permit, they will be racing down certain sections of the Chingay Parade Route and doing stunts! So this will be really exciting for Singaporeans and Tourist alike, thats on the 15th and 16th of February- so do try buy those tickets and get a view in Section 4 and 5! Why do I know so much , because I was hosting the Press for this event so I had alot of details and we took a ride on the route proposed where they have already built the stands for seating!

Okay that's alot of info there....
Oh found a cute snapshot from Playeur Launch of me, Alessia and Maggie who was in January's issue!!!

Okay I will end here, till tomorrow
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Stalkers, Skits and those Damn Men

I've a strange week with stranger encounters with rather odd and even amusing characters!

So to start this week, I was walking over to my bike when I spot a white slip of paper under my fuel cap. I think to myself, "OH no I got a FINE?" I get closer , and realise hey, tickets aren't written out on pages ripped from a 2006 diary! I pick it up and this is what it said!

"Hey good morning,
Wondering can be your pillion rider and gor for a ride one of these day. I know of the risk and danger involved, but don't worry I am heavily insure. Call me if you are adequately insured too and don't worry, Petrol on me lah! Have a nice DAy:)
PLS. This is one of my last wishes on Earth.

(on the back) Don't worry I am not bald Lah!
Deal or no Deal?"

CLICK below on picture to READ!

In all honest truth I was amused and a lil' creeped out at the same time! So anyhow a few calls were made on my behalf and it seemed to have been a young, male Chinese suspect, ha ha, well maybe he has a crush on me! He could be older but who knows!

The rest of the week was spent going out for drinks when a best friend of G came down from Aberdeen. So we had drinks at a friends house and along the way managed to check out Mimolette FINALLY... where the "Mode-elles" hung out and the crew of boys couldn't keep their eyes off em' and set their tongues wagging like lil' school boys- tsk tsk.

Ended up seeing quite a fair bit of friends there which shouldn't be a real surprise for me, but I guess i didn't know who and what to expect. The over all vibe despite the anorexic models and ripping hot bods of the male-mods (RRRrrrr, Meow!) felt like a giant house party, relaxed, chill and comfortable.

I also had my photo shoot for that Men's mag for the April Cover edition which i mentioned, and well the photos aren't too bad, but be sure to expect the unexpected! !

So hung out at the usual Le Noir and Attica haunts and even at sKy in MOS, where the boys managed to cath their Rugby only to see England lose to Wales...typical of em when hopes were high! DUB was playing at MOS with Limp Bizkits Scratch DJ in hand and they all came to Attica so we drank , chatted and partied with them boys from West London!It was a potential for a great night, though I must bite my tongue, as it WAS a Great night depending on HOW selective my memory chooses to be.

I haven't really been taking as many pictures as of late, but I guess how many more pictures can you see in the same poses , but just different outfits! 'Aren't you sick of that yet???

Hmm , well tomorrow , I have an interview with the Malay newspaper Berita at J8, at 10am which is perfect because its about 5 minutes away, though i don't have my bike:( I left it back on Sentosa last night, but I'll go get it tomorrow.

I'm thinking of taking up more dance classes like Pole dancing as it take alot of strength and agility and it will keep me busy!!! Besides that it's more auditions etc.

Alright I shall end here, later fools!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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