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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My BLeacHed BRaiN!

So last week my hair was bleached and dyed Ash brown
for a Canon shoot
which happened the whole day Saturday!!!
I spent 2 days prior to Saturday rehearsing for it!!!!

All i can say was not only did i spend 7 hours doing the hair,
filming was something like 17hours!!!
and I had minimal sleep!!!

Not only that at 1am all the talents hit Attica to bring out some of the Aussie talents
that were in Singapore only for the shoot and were leaving the Very next day!
Made some new friends which is always a pleasant thing!!!

Sunday was spent resting as much as I can-oh-

Not to mention i made a small introduction to the
Friday Night Football Live

2008 NTUC Income Yeo's Sleague on Friday between Albirex Niigata and SAF FC!!! So something different all right!!!
Thanks for the messages from friends and you guys who managed to catch it!!!

Besides the Blondie hair I IMPULSIVELY cut Bangs, time for a different look!!! But i will be dying my hair back darker, this blond look is insane to maintain
and i actually have never spent so much on SHampoo and Conditioner before:(

OOoooo and shoes from Nine West!!!! You like???



Claire-Louise Jedrek


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