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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rules of a Skeptic

1. Don't let what you think get in the way of what you see.

2. Don't let what you see determine what you think, for appearances are deceptive.

3. Be omnivorous in your tastes.

4. The only way to see something whole is from several points of view.

5. The closer you come to reality the more it is a mystery, and the more unimaginable it is that you or anything else exists.

6. The only truth is in scrupulous satisfaction over time.

7. Develop principles that you are willing to abandon, but not easily.

8. When anything is too sacred to joke about, the cause is fear.

9. If you are skeptical of faith and reason, what is left as a basis for decision? Everything, so long as you are prepared to be wrong.

10. Death is the sunlight that makes all things visible.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Aaliyah - I Care 4 You

hey my baby,
why you lookin' so down,
seems like you need lovin'
baby you need
a girl like me

hey my baby
tell me why you cry
here take my hand and
wipe those tears from your eyes

can i to talk to you? (can i talk to you)
comfort you(ohh ohh)
let you know (just wanna let you know)
i care for you (you)

hey sexy baby,
why'd ya girl leave you in pain
to let a fine man like you go
she must be insane

hey sexy baby,
there's no need to worry, no
oh boy if you call on me,
i'll come,
i'll come in a hurry

can i talk to you(come on)
comfort you(i love you)
let you know (ohhh baby)
i care for you(i love you, yes i do)

hold on hold on
stay strong stay strong
press on, for me baby
I care for you for you

can i talk to you? (i wanna talk)
comfort you (i wanna hold you tight baby)
let you know (i wanna let you know that)
i care for you (i care for you)

Can I talk to you?


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Nokia's Nseries 14days - Myself and Firefight!

These boys have serious charisma and charm and what a voice and not to mention lyrics...
Josh Tan - Vocals, Guitar
Jon Leong - Guitar
Jbarks - Bass, Backing Vocals
Iain Tham - Drums, Backing Vocals
Chris Ong - Synths

Check out their Myspace at :
I bought their album as well with a few tracks on it:
1) Fires at Night
2) When Spring Comes Home
3) Hours
4) Candela

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Are We or Are We Not?

Filming Nokia's Next Nseries 14 days
-The boys from Firefight and my makeup artist!!!!

Deal or no Deal moments
- dolly's Screening at the American club
-Hana, Me and Alessia!

A Huge Poster up on Lido promoting Deal or No Deal
-Vanessa, Me, Aimee & KK!

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An Overdose of Stress

Seems to be the season for stress all around. I've got my minor reasons to be but on the flip side I woke this morning to read the Entertainment news and be Most Shockingly awakened with the Headlines...

"Heath Ledger, Actor, Is Found Dead at 28"

"The actor Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide or an accidental overdose, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28.
At 3:31 p.m., according to the police, a masseuse arrived at the fourth-floor apartment of the building, at 421 Broome Street, between Crosby and Lafayette Streets in SoHo, for an appointment with Mr. Ledger. The masseuse was let in to the home by a housekeeper, who then knocked on the door of the bedroom Mr. Ledger was in. When no one answered, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened the bedroom and found Mr. Ledger naked and unconscious on a bed, with sleeping pills — both prescription medication and nonprescription — on a night table. They attempted to revive him, but he did not respond. They immediately called the authorities."(

Another great actor lost, but I think I won't get into how he died, it's happened and there's no point people trying to segregate his life into parts and try analyse what happened, all I can think for is his parents, daughter and Ex-wife Michelle Williams who he met on the set of BrokeBack Mountain. Rest in Peace.

Well on my side of things again, today I'm hosting my first gig and it happens to be to the media, so cross my fingers I can do this right and I can roll over any humps or holes that I might encounter. I'm basically hosting the Press Conference on behalf of Redbull and it is a guided bus tour. Small snippets include an F1 car and the Chingay, so once it's been releases to the media and it's out in the newspaper I'll report on it in full. But I'm a little bit more nervous over having to handle all the memorising. It think I would have preferred hosting to a bunch of 2 year olds first, ha ha. Perhaps I should take a swig at the old bottle before I leave today!

I seem to have a busy week, with things adding up, tomorrow I'm shooting a trailer for Channel 5 and at night I will be doing the Salsa all over again and then seeing the F1 car showcase in Clarke Quay, but I wouldn't expect much, it's not an actual working car, its just a shell car!

Anyhow I have to go Prep for later so , till then, some more random photos!!!!

Peace and Carrots
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Being stressed kinda makes me lose my appetite too, its not something I can help... So though i HATE rushing around its good, cause it keeps me busy and not so bothered about having to look at food and make stupid decisions! Anyway ,

some Ups on my weekend.

Thursday: I went for my first Salsa lesson, learning the basics of the Street salsa version and I had a great time doing something new and refreshing. We all had to swap around our partners and learn the different beats.

Friday: I just worked on a telecoms shoot with other dancers and models at the Skate park from 6.30am till 3.30pm on Friday, so that was Tiring at such unearthly hours and of course it was Blazing hot so i got slightly burnt and our photographer , who by the way IS an AMAZING Photographer go take a look at his website! You will be able to spot me in the Skate park picture, I'll post it. His name is Jing aka Matt ,plus he has such Fantastic energy and motivation, he was a real machine out in the Sun and he got entirely burnt!

Saturday: popped in for work at 8am for some recording and Voice overs for the NEXT episode of Nokia Nseries 14 days and then at 10am I made my way down with friends to the Singapore Tyler Print Institute and we did a full day workshop from 10am to 5pm on the basic methods of printing. It was really interesting and something quite random. We had to etch our designs on to perspective plastic and then add ink and clean off the plate,in which the ink will get into the little cracks and then its pressed on a huge machine with a big wheel you turn and your image that you etched onto the plastic sheet comes out! I really wanna go back for some more workshops, i really wished my sister was here so she could have done
it, she would have rally loved messing around with paint and ink!

Also presetnly showing in the Art gallery was work s by ANJU DODIYA called ' ALL NIGHT I SHALL GALLOP', truthfully amazing pieces you should try go see because its for free. For those not knowing where you can find it , its practically next to Butter Factory in Robertson Quay!

Sunday i was really very tired and at night chilled by KM8 watching some of the fire performers, making me reminisce about Koh Phangan , in which I think i will end up going to again in March with Lilian and maybe Alessia if she is still interested!

Okay shall end now, i decided to head to a dance class with my girls Alicia 'taitai' Pan and Jojo, OOo managed to meet Kim for lunch too at her office when i went to an audition next door at Gravity studios...not bad for one day! Had a great chat and catch up, i should do this more!

Later fools,
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

How To Jump With an Umbrella!

SO some pictures with my darling beloved sister and XMAS with my Grandad which i hope to go see in Summer. I feel more of the need to spend more time with him and maybe he won't choke as much, as he thinks each time he'll never see us again! That's the reality of things and these last few years, I've been back to see him because he is about 90...

It's a hard choice when you are trying to save but then when it comes to family and especially since I live half way around the world I don't mind being penniless and having to save up all over again. It means especially alot more since I didn't get to see my Nanny before she passed away and I couldn't go to her funeral because I was having my exams, so it kind of means alot more to want to see him as often as i can.
As always , its better to regret what you have done rather then Regret what you Haven't or Didn't do.

Anyway I really wanna go back for Summer to UK and maybe go to Europe for a bit, have to see, I f I can afford to go that far cuz i still wanna visit my cousin in Miami, but my work is on Random days its hard to plan, since alot of stuff comes in Advance!

Hmm tonight starting the Group Salsa classes, so that should be interesting especially since I haven't done any classes on that before. I'm tyring to up it on the exercise, will try and go for other dance classes with Alicia 'taitai' pan and Jojo.

I'm also rushin off to the Magazine launch of PLAYEUR journals, nothignmuch on the website but go look anyway!!! Going there with Maggie..yes 1st Seasons's No.4...she'll be in this issue and she looks DELicious!!!

In the mean time, i'm still getting a bit busier with random shoots and auditions and I have yet to film the next episode of the
Nokia Nseries 14days...... the new one is out about HOW TO SKIVE in the's quite funny actually and I kind of like how this get up was done! this is the previous one for XMas....the FCUK show held in Zouk

Will end here and show you mini thrown together pictures of my time at Lilians house in UK and our Balloon Party and My sister on how to Jump with an Umbrella...ahahaha

Peace and Carrots

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Yes I haven't had time to write properly anything, so I guess tonight I will try update and post some pics of my UK trip... and of my beloved sister and friend Lilian.

WOohoooo My mum made a miracle move and found my Camera Memory card that I thought i had misplaced but I had brought it back to Singapore anyway, DOh!!! Typical me! Mum's are the best, they have this radar for finding things and like cook the best meals ever... not forgetting always being there no matter what you get up to...REminds me, its my Mums birthday this month...WOw and my sisters beginning of next month. Ikes, before you know it 2 months gone already.

Funny how when im plain Idle im super Idle, suddenly my week has been filled up with appointments and auditions etc... Which is good news and should be enough to motivate me. I think this year 2008 will be a good year! A good friend Alessia who was over, felt the same thing.
Well like i believe, You are what You make It. True enough?
Okay till tomorrow...

CLaire-Louise Jedrek

Thursday, January 03, 2008

ARENA mag January 2008 Issue

Here's the 3 page spread in Arena Mag which came out Mid-December for the January Issue 2008....there was a writeup on a separate page though..I quite liked it, was simple but tastefully done!!!! Thanks to the editorial team and stylists!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Oh and I think im proposing a BLog my name, so i will soon be changing the domain look out for that!!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Deal or No Deal Ads

These can also be found on
or click on the link on the side panel.