GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Day 5: Love affair in Ho chi Minh


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Friday, July 03, 2009

Day 5: Love affair in Ho chi Minh

Breakfast at 6.30am-favouritist thing in the world- buffet beakfasts! YUM!
8.30 am , at the airport and checking in to the chaotic whirlpool of people, pushing, shoving
and cutting queues which seemed the norm of life there!

We get on the plane and fly to Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon
where we have 4 hours to weave in and out of
the rubber chords of the linked up city!
Choy had friends from the city so we had a nice river side lunch at a restaurant called The Deck!
After spending an hour to get there, and 45 minutes or so over lunch we decided to leave to grab our luggage at her friends place and we made our way back to the airport, where i got hit by a taxi by the way trying to squeeze by i kicked his van!!!

Triple indicator!

Lost amongst work!

By the river with pineapple juice & plus sized fries!

Finally we were on our way home after our whirlwind travels to and fro from beautiful Vietnam!
I absolutely can't wait to go back again and go soo some war time memorials, tunnels etc! I'd definitely recommend Vietnam's quieter resorts liek Hoi An for perfect beaches and blissfully unpopulated seas...
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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