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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Naughty Asian boys...

What a Mess, but he's forgiven for his daily misgivings!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Fantastic graphic art in a Carpark!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

World's Longest off beat dancing and singing wayang Trio

I dare anyone to come back to me and tell me they actually
managed to get through this hilarious 13min song.
These trio of "singers, badly lip syncing to some kind of Wayang music,
of the highest pitched screeching,
apparently according to my friend were famous and popular back in the days..
Hilarious 1st 3 minutes, lots of bouncing at 4:05min and by 6 i clicked it off...


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, October 10, 2008


Me and Jeneen
there have been plenty o Events going on and besides the Mulberry event
i attended last week with my fellow Kosmic people, last night i attended

Coach Madison launch preview @ Takashimaya for their New line of Bags

in which Elles's Fashion Editor Cat Ong gave tips and dressed me up in their line of clothes
bags for the latest looks and gave out good tips to those invited!

This weekend 5-9pm this evening I will be at Tangs working together with Biotherm Homme
giving away their latest range of products and telling you about their new High Recharge products for men, which belongs to the No 1 Men's skincare products worldwide!Also a Grand Prize is in the giveaway if you spend a minimum amount which allows you to enter the contest!

Here are the timings:
Today: 5-9pm

From what I see, the apparent Recession which is looming over our Singapore shores does not seem to deter people from shopping at all! Well WHEN and IF it hits the sunny island, which of us will be affected. It said the Airlines industry will b severly hit, meaning the whole episode of retrenchment in hotels etc? Yikes...Lets hope for a storm alot less worse than 2002's Recession...
In the mean time....

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The best shot of kovalainen

Anyone pay $2 for this???? ahaha


Monday, October 06, 2008

F1 Paparazzi shots- Paddock club

Anthony Hamilton
(Lewis's Dad)

Mika Hakkinen
(Johnny Walker Don't Drink & Drive ambassador)

Bernie Eccleston talking to Anthony hamilton

Lewis's Car driving by

Bernie Eccleston

Lee Hsien Loong given his VIP pass by Bernie E

Mark Webber for Redbull

Anthony Hamilton talking to some dude i met in Brazil
Who is he???

Aston Martin Cup on Sunday

This years S'pore's La formula una's in Torro Rosso

The F1 Simulator

Lee Hsien Loong in the F1 simulator

Heikki Kovalainen

In the Pit walk

Standin on track looking atthe first turn!

Torro rosso in pits during race

Look of the Paddock club recpetion

Paddocks entrance with bar reception

The Porsche cup cars

Paddock club Grandstand seats

the kangaroo TV's you could rent to watch race from

Above Toyota pits

Scotsman David Coulthard with preggers wife!

Nick Heidfeld with his Shaggy do and Manbag

Adrien sutil for Force India

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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My white birthday!

My sister in town, picture with photographer vincent!

My All White Birthday!!!!
Drinks and pizza at my place

Eeleen, Aimee, Rachel, Estelle

My Best freinds, Kimberley, Jojo & Ali

Shaestha and Rakhil


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