GIRL-INTERRUPTED: September 2009


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!

Okay so I've taken a long hiatus from blogging!!!
Now I've got soooooo much time today, mainly because I had my WISDOMS out-YIKES!
Where do i start??

1)I've been Religiously watching the F1, when I am at home! Last week in Italy was a nail biter and an absolute shame Lewis crashed out on the last lap, that means F1 in SINGAPORE in 2 weeks!!!
Woohooooo!!!!! I think this year it'll be watching the whole race from a hotel room with dinner included, drinks etc! A totally different experience all round! Last year was amazing, and I think no better way to experience for the first time in S'pore in the Paddocks! this year will be chilled and less hectic, but maybe a probability i will be working during the F1-so fingers crossed!!

2) Wisdoms- I finally made a choice to get my wisdom's removed. I have a bad history with dentists! Stick 200 needles in me at the same time ANY DAY! Teeth and gums -
LEAVE me out of it! When I mean Phobia, its worse than that!
I absolutely FREEZE up in the chair and have panic attacks. So i made a conscious decision to get my worst fears! I made an appointment at Alexandra Hospital and 2 months later= yesterday, I went in, had my drip attached, got the lovely white stuff to knock me out and got all 4 wisdom's pulled and crack!

What I don't understand is WHY would ANYONE Keep your teeth!! I got 6 pieces back in a tiny in a lil container-FLESH and all! Friends are like keep it and clean it!!! BLeh!
Well I woke from surgery and got wheeled into the day ward and was giggly for a bit, but was made to change cloth gauzes in my mouth every half hour for about 2 hours. Idrifted off to sleep but I woke up panicking for some reason and CRYING! What a BABY!!! I felt claustrophobic and insisted to walk outside for a bit but they didn't allow me those Swines!!!meh! But they were doing their Job!
thank goodness though- I woke up this morning and was expecting to see massive swelling-but its a rather pathetic attempt on my faces' attempt to SWELL! But great for me! And i guess great for people around me!! hahaha they can get a rest from my constant nattering about random nonsense!!!!

okay gotta run

PS look out for my VIP magazine this months issue for October!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek