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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FHM August COver 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

fhm august out.

okay havent got it, but i'm really scared to look in!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

28thJune NExt morning Temasek Poly gathering

2 of my Fav. BOys Gerald and Ian!!!
Lunch!!! and Ian

Another 2 of the Gang-Louis and Jason
Love 4 Louis & Kat

Jason requested we take it his way!
CLASS shot of Hospitality Gang 2005

The BOys and My lone Heel!

SO i woke up next day from the Rihanna thingie and remembered ,wait don't i have a Reunion with my beloved Ex-Poly mates at Temasek Poly!!!! Yeah I made it down there somehow and 26 of us lunche dattheir newly opened hospitality training facility called TableTops. The students did a great job-how they privileged they are now to have such wonderful facilities within the campus! Great job to Temasek Poly as well for building the facilities and spending their time and money investing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry!!!

@ UE Square & MOS

Paj and me after some nice Tequila!

Paj and a Brain Freeze

Me,jenny, fame and Aishah
Fame, Paj,Am and Jenny
Me and Boy

The gang
Fame,aisha,paj,jen and me!
Love Claire-Louise Jedrek aka ErialC

St James Powerhouse "Rihanna Lookalike, Can Sing BUT Can't Dance Contest"

Wednesday 27th June
Was free flow drinks till 10.30pm + 5 free coupons each= 1 Jug each + 4 free waterfalls!

Start of night-Me,Kim and Yasmine
Poke yer Face contestant
Jedrek Sisters

Yanie &Kim-what supports i have!
Processing Free waterfalls