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Thursday, February 07, 2008

ST Urban and La formula Una

Thanks to friends and to all of you for the about the Straits Times Urban Page today. Was really only a simple article about what was in my bag and talking about the Redbull La formula Una program for ladies and the F1. To apply go to this website:

Thing is Singapore is sending 2 winners this year to Brazil. Because Malaysia doesn't not have a Main Red bull office, Singapore will send someone from Singapore to Sepang and the winner of that will go to Brazil. Application dates start now till February 29th so don't forget to sign up for this AMAZING , once in a life time experience. The red carpet treatment, limos, best hotels and apartments, best restaurants and clubs , not forgetting amazing company AND Free flow champagne, haha.

Of course not everyone should apply unless they enjoy the F1 or want to genuinely learn more about it. They gotta be spontaneous, out going and be all out to make new fiends not from Singapore but of course 17 other beautiful women from all around the world once in Brazil!

Okay, enough said... hope all stocked up on the pineapple tarts and got a good collection of red packets(for those not married)..

I'm out...
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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