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Monday, April 30, 2007

Deal Or No DEal (DOND)Girls

Okay so , now there has been a press release, it's more or less out in the open . Me (11) and my sister, Rachel (25) are on this game show Deal or No Deal or DOND girls...haha, yes cheesy...

It premieres on 13th May, Channel 5 at 8.30pm, so be sure to catch it, if not for the show then the 26 beautiful women....lil info, its the 55th ctry to have this game and 8th in can always try next season?

Been a tiring 3 weeks training, walking up and down those steps in 3/4 inch heels from Noon to Nigh, but filming will be taking a wrap in a couple of days....and promo work will start. This game show has been fun and friends have been made, though it was nerve-racking being around too many females personally , but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Anyway here of some pics of myself, couldnt find my sis ,on set during the press game, the website if you know freinds also in it or wanna oogle at the other chicks is :

Me and My Case....

HAHAHAHAH look at my face, yes thats how ErialC talks...

ALL the lovely ladies

just see me in the corner....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Life ain't all roses, hope just a phase

At tapas and martini bar in KL

Had filming all this week for deal of no deal, in fact from the day i got back from perth. Can't say much other than catch us May 15th, 8.30pm.....i look forward everyday for filming just to get away from my own pronlems. A sense of relief....but there is no venting...

many redbulls and vodkas later at Maison KL

GIves U Wings...

Anyway enough of miseries, here are some pics from Sepang, where the partying never stopped!

Me in the Redbull car...RRrrrrr
ferrari garage
redbull garage
half hour before the race.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Australian Floorball Champs

So i'm back from Perth after spending the 11th-16th there for the Floorball opens thanks to NTUC CLub. Was a really tough and tiring trip and 13 of the 15 players had injuries uincluding myself. Becuase of rehearsals walking up and down this damned stair case for the Deal or No Deal studio setup , i really strained my Quads and calve muscles, so the 2nd day of competition i had really bad spasms and cramps. thank God for the chiropractors on site who really helped every single player. Missed 2 games which was a real bummer and very frustrating. The rest of my teams mates really wanted this and we eventually won against the Dingoes whom we lost twice to before this.
At City Stay Jacuzzi
Everyone is really bruised up and a tonne of woodburns. Was a great experience and well, i hope there will be more to come with LMFC2011. One good thing happened out of perth, is that i met up with Sarah and DAphne finally. Was really good to see them and it really brought my mood up. Lots of memories recounted and all.

A team that bruises together stays together


back at changi 7am
Well unfortunately i didn't get enough sleep on the plane, and i arrived back yesterday morning and i had to head to Mediacorp with my sister for rehearsals and Pilot filming of the game show 'Deal or No Deal". Wearing heels all these hours is realy tiring! Nevermind, just close my eyes and think of something else like the .......cha-ching.
Okay well here are the photos of the last 2 tiring weeks.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

F1 Sepang and Brazil here i COme~

Okay you know, i had the BEST time EVER in Sepang Malaysia. The REdbull people who sent us up were amazing and i have to thank them SOooooo much for this opportunity. The F1 itself was a brilliant experience that I wouldn't give up . The sound of the engines starting up at the grids is overwhelming and it sets your heart pumping as the adrenaline rises to a height I never felt before.

I can't believe i went and it happens to be out of the 10 Formula Una girls, I was chosen to be the lucky Female to go up to BRAZIL... for the F1 races there for about a week in October. Oh man.............the thought is just sending me nuts already.

Shit, looks like i have the travel Bug.....ahhaha I've unintentionally travelled all over this year and i still have 3 countries to go to this year, perth in 2 days, Brazil in October and Miami to see my cousin Mai end of year!ARHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I was psyched about being sent up to Sepang to watch the F1 and didn't go there to shop like some (okay i'm mean) so this has been the biggest bonus so far by winning the Malaysian F1 formula Una.Okay i'll stop gushing....this was how my weekend went...*takes a HUGE Deep breath*

Thursday 5th April ~~~~
I hadn't finished packin til like 5am, didn't sleep much, like 2half hours.Had to be at coach destination at 8.30am where we went up to Malacca first for lunch then we reached our Apartment Suites at the Pacific Regency in KL. I shared my room with a girl called Angeline, and it was really spacious with a massive bathroom, what every woman loves. We hit it off really well.
That night we had a welcome dinner in the hotel's 23rd floor restaurant and then a party up on the 33rd floor where it was a pool and bar area that was open-aired and Petronas towers was shining bright in the distance.Ended up there till the end like 2amplus and i got backed, showered and slept like 3.30am.

Friday 6th April
Struggled to wake up at 7am, and get ready for breakfast and still look good. HEaded upto Genting to try the Sky enture which is a huge Airtunnel which blasts winds of 193km/h so you can have the feel of Terminal Velocity, much like Skydiving. We were suited up and each got 2 trys. It was such a blast *how cliche* and I swear they could have dumped me there for 2 weeks.

Had lunch and there was a free and easy for 'shopping' would you bloody believe it! AHAHh shopping in genting?? I went around with another chick Alex and we took stupid photos that ended up appearing in the Redbull bulletin. We were all given cameras to take pictures, the winner was angeline in the end! Anyway, after all that we head back to the hotel to refresh, have dinner and then drinks at some tapas bar and the to Maison, where everyone had a WILD timepartying.

SO much redbull, Vodka, lychees, oh it was crazy partying with the girls, the redbull management, people from Singapore...oh the list goes on. This was teh most fun night that EvERYone let lose and went Loko!!!!haven't dont that in a Long WHile..i guess What happens in KL stays in KL for some..heheheh!!!Both nights most girls left early, and usually only me, Alex and Esther were left to party on, the true party addicts , ahahah .What was messed up is at 3 when we left, the cab driver sent us somewhere else, and our hotel was only 5mins round the bend. Ended up half an hour stuck thru a dodgy lane, where we locked our doors out of fear.Arghhhhhh, well we got back grumpy tired and another mornin to wake up early too.

Saturday 7th April~~~~
This was a VERY importnat day and I had a special outfit fit for this day that i had bought to look good. I wasn't relalyhung over, i'm surprised, but i was up at 7am though i slept at 4am!!!
I woke up extra early to have breakfast at 7.30 am, so i could come back up and get ready doing my hair and makeup and dress and shit. Was a long task to look good, but well it was all really worth it. It was the day at the Sepang Circuit and it was BLisTering HOt. We walked in and you could see like 40-50 photographers at the entrance to the paddocks gates and tehy clicked away like mad yellign to turn to them and all. We were all briefed and again at 11am we had Champagne brought to us once again. Was mad, guess the europe detox was made up in these 4days!

We finally got to see the cars in the paddocks and we had some other shoots on location and interviews. We watched the qualifying races and head off back to the hotel where we had to redress in half an hour and change then went out for dinner at Shangri-la hotel with the redbull guys and drivers from torro rosso. We then headed to ZOuk where the red bull party was. Sorry but ZOUK KL is SHIT.
What a disappointment. I thought it looked completely cheap looking. VIP was crap too. Was black paint and some old lookng furniture.Man, if not for the company and alcohol i would h ave left early. But h well i gt COMpletely TRASHED, but I think cuz i had 9 hours sleep in 3 days and my body just crashed.

SUNDAY 8th April~~~~
I wore jeans and a white top and my favourite white cowboy hat that i Never have an occasion to wear to.Was bloody hot and once aain was champ[agne early in the morning for the welcome and teh time came and i was announced as the winner to head Brazil. I guess well i could have been somewhat alot more enthusiastic but i couldn't even muster a big fat fake smile. I felt almost bad for winning and then i thought well... looks like noone else is gonna talk to me the rest of this trip. Anyway this was an added bonus to the F1 Sepan Trip. The races were crazy when they started. The sound of tall the engines when started was hypnotic and powerful. Well my friends all know im an adrenaline junkie, so this relaly kick started my motor. In the end my favourite Alonso won crippling Raikkonen, and the young blood Hamilton took a surprsing second for me. I can't explain all i felt just being there and i dont wanna babble any further, just go if youhave the chance next time!!!!!Well we had a super long coach ride back...argh i was a grumpie mess, hehehe, anyhow this is way too long so i will leave you with the photos!!!!!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More pics of out and about this last week...

Outside NAFA, one of those sudden urges to lie down...

Frog in the Park the night we talked...

What the bishan will look like hopefully soon, ...

ME and mum supporting sis at the graduation!

My sisters psoters and books she made for FYP!

Monday, April 02, 2007

KL Pit stop Party Central

So finally after an eventful weekend, looks like this trip to KL for the F1 VIP seats and Paddock passes, things are finally getting settled into place with all the details.

Saturday was a dinner at no signfood Seafood with Mark Webber who has been signed with Redbull and tested a track route out in Singapore for those not in the know of things.Ofcourse how can i forget 9 other beautiful females and the wonderful Redbull team who gave each and one of us the opportunity to go to this amazing opportunity, something i've been waiting for , for 2 whole years...
They spent alot of time organising this and Sat night when we all headed to Ink bar they all looked so Tired...Our itineraries are out and looks like alot of rest is gonna be needed cuz we have 4whole days of socialising and partying aswell as very early mornin wakeups!!!!ARgh.

On the 5th,thu, when we leave to KL, that night will be a session at Luna Bar for a get to know session, the next day(6th) we will head t Genting and have a go on the Sky Venture, the skydiving air machine, taht will be wickedly awesome and i CANT WAIT!!!!, later that night at KLCC we'll be at Bond Martini Bar for Tapas and Drinks, ahaha more redbull??? eheheh we'll need it cuz this is the plan in short for each day!WAIT then later on we head to Maison Lounge and party SOMEMORE at 11pm, how will we wake at 8am for breakfast , I cAN DO IT and in Full makeup Prepped and all.....ARGH.....ill try..

On the 7th, we finally will be at the Sepang Circuit, woohoo for lunch and the Pit walk then watching the qualifying races, in which i heard Raikkonen has come in first for that...!!!
That night it's Zouk 11pm and party party party and awaken the next day for the circuit, meet all the drivers (willi get to meet ALonso...sighs), lunch , anotehr pit walk and the races its self....Phew what a load of things to do, but i can't wait cuz how many people get to meet and greet and mingle with em..Will be something to rememberfor sure, so lots of piccies will be up for sure. Damnit, am i gonna have my Internet there, I cant live with out it!!!!!Yikes!

okay i need to sort dresses good enough for the trip....stresssful situation , ahahah, okies ciao ciao