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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vietnam Day 3: Work!!!

I Love morning Buffet Breakfasts at Hotels.
Day 3 I had my hair and make up done at 10am, then at noon we set off down the road
to an unopened resort to film our scenes!
In short, basically me and Choy are sisters who are drama queens and we are those sort of girls
who constantly join pageants and who think they are all that!!!
Was hot!!!!!!!but great company makes a big difference!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to Biz: Vietnam Day 2

2nd day in vietnam and we had a day off ,
so we took the time to walk around Hoi An Town area!
As you can see I took 10948973439 pictures,
but only 30 or so made it on here!!!
Enjoy the beautiful places and people-who are tiny by the way!

Street Market Squeeze

My own dress design sketched out, any material-US$10

chilling with our Viet Kopi!

Our Tour Guide by day-lady by night!

Making sugar cane with a wheel!

sitting at a local coffee shop!
Wicked tie display!

Ducks for Lunch:0

Getting Sandals custom Made!!!

Looking at the Pool from Hotel!

Beautiful untouched beaches, totally unpopulated-Heaven!

Vietnam Styling!

View from my room balconey!

Sundown at 5.30pm!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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