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Monday, January 29, 2007

Back to Uk in 2 Ow-eRs

Yes so - finally leaving Paris after reaching from a 5 hour train ride in Toulouse. We reached in t Paris from Mont Parnasse station . We managed to find out way to Barbes-Rouchart by Metro and dumped our load into the small, old family run hotel in a Somewhat dodgy are. But well, it was okie in the end, just our imaginations running into play, when people were like "che che", which we found out was a call for biyung Hashish, dudes walking but spitting "Ne how" at us, dude, we speak "In-Ger-Lish", way better than you.
so at night we headed down to the Eiffel and caught the night show of the dazzling lights, but it got ridiculously cold as teh temp was btwn -1 & -4, cold by my terms, we head back to the hotel, woke up early next morning and did:

1) the eiffel by day, going to the top, soaking up the sights of the river, streets, etc.
2)We then headed opposite to Trocadero and
3)then the Marble Arch where qe braved about a Gazillion steps in all, then down Champs Elysees and meeting some weird chinese people and nearly running off with 1000 Euro, but we didn't (Very Long Story) and in the evening we hung around the Louvre so we could enter after 6pm where it is free for under 26. They do make us feel younger, thanks guys.

4)Grand and Petit Palais
5)Louvre was friggin massive and we were TOTALLY Trashed after walking around, no way you can finish it in a day let alone a few days. Saw the Mona Lisa, and alot of other famous paintings and sculptures.
Oh oh and people in France REALLY DO Walk around with bunched of Bagettes in their hands. Hehehehe.the next day we walked the other side of the road,
6)Notre Dame

and yesterday we took it easy and headed to Sacre Soeur, another church near by our hotel. We then met up with Pierre and hung around our hotel for a bit. Like i said we took a million steps..Yawn. Well we will be travelling around UK again.Sigh this is getting tiring Seriously.



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snowfights, barcelona and the Mountain Butcher.

Okay so i haven't updated since Sat, Ooooo horrifying isn't it?
SOme updates:
1) It SNowed all day from mid-day yesterday and we had snow fights last night with Quentin, Myself, Ken, damien , alex and one more guy. We were on the way out the house after playing Poker and Pool and suddenly we were wiping snow from all the cars and chucking it at each other like Kids for 15 minutes till our hands were really Red and numb.
2) The Cabin Crews from British Airways have decided to take a strike for 3 sets of days AND What Do Ya KNOW, the second set of Days from the 5th-7th, we are affected!!! cuz we leave on the 6th. HOPEFULLY negotiations will go thru' successfully and the strikes will only happen on the 29th-30th. Not only will it mean that we have to REBOOK our flights which they are allowing people, we hope to leave 2 days later but on a first come first serve basis. So if we don't get it, then who knows when the netx Bloody flight out is.
BAH! The Europeans and THEIR "RIGHTS!"
Beautiful Barcelona
Okay so besides that BARCELONA was BEAUTIFUL, absolutely breathtaking and i was in absolute awe of the city where buildings designed by Gaudi were impossible to the eye and unimaginable to the Mind. Some say he was on Magic Mushrooms when he designed the Park Guell. The most amazing piece of work that has taken 100 years in buliding and WON't be completed till 2025 is 'La Sagrada Familia', a huge Modern Day Church , its too complexed to explain, except i wanted to Cry at the sight. The longer you stare at it, the more details appear, like of those convuluted posters where teh image appears when your cross-eyed, hahaha.
One-Way road
Despite all its magnificent grandeur, there are the flaws. No:1, don' drive in Barcelona; because every road seems to be a one way, and theres somethin about europeans cities and those damned Roundabouts. This was worse than toulouse though, there were no roadmarkings, so everyone is scooting in and out about the roundabout.Ooo i'm rhyming.
Tell me about Getting OUT of the CIty, Jesus christ mother mary of god, Oh Lord oh Sweet Jesus.... Ever remember that scene in one of the Freddy Kruger's Elm Street, every which way they took they just arrived back at square one, Well thats EXACTLY how we felt. When we left the next day after touring and wanted to drive to the mountains to pick some stuff up at the cabins (where we snowboarded 'Les Angles'). We planned to leave BArcelona at 5.30pm but after trying to escape from the city we managed to find our way out from the one way streets, we got out at 6.30pm.
THEN, everyfucking highway sign and Exit had BArcelona, and we made about 3 wrong turns to hell , though the Sign showed the exit we needed to take. On top of that, we passed so many toll booths, we spend a bomb going back and forth the same toll booths. It gets worse.......
THe BLoodY Mountain Butcher
The keys to the Cabin we previously stayed in were in the hands of the local butchers, so we had probs with this son-of-a-mothers cow before, so we called an hour early to pickup the keys and agreed to get it from him around 9ish, after 2 hours or so driving there. Our plan was to pick our stuff up and at 9pm leave back to Toulouse (3hours drives) and be back around Midnight. It was real foggy and not as warm as Barci which was 20degrees by the way , crazy crazy for winter. We got there, and the Mo'fo did not pickup, so we ate some pizza and theyhappened to know the butcher boy. We ended up , sleeping in Q's tiny car, boys in front and me squished in the back till the next morning (Mon) and getting the keys from the dude, who wasn't sorry at all and had.
APPARENTLY left his HP at his Gf's. So well since we were on the way back we made a 2 hour stop in Carcassonne, a castle with some history to it, long story, but we hung around in the gusts and made out way back. What an adventure....Here are the piccies to prove our adventures.
LOve ErialC
Into Barci and below the Gaudi building and Lamps
Us after arriving Eating Well Delish TAPAS.

View from the tower we went up .
The food Market
Drinks@ and Zara window
La Sagrada Familia, most beautiful structure i've ever seen.

Park Guell

Saturday, January 20, 2007

BarCelonA .......and ....

SO, Saturday is finally here and we'll be leaving by car tomorrow morning to BaRceLonA!!!!Will be back in 3 days, 1 night in a hotel and teh other night sleeping in the car. Exciting huh, well till the window is knocked on by a policeman to get outta where ever we are!!!!

Today is Quentin's 21st b'day and we bought him a nice white pair of Stan Smith II Adidas...We knew there would be complaints but its also like a thankyou present for everythign he has done for us, which cannot be expressed all in a pair of shoes really. We had teh car checked, bought some food for the road trip which will take roughly 4 hours or so from Toulouse also doing some sightseeing along the way in Carcasson.

Barcelona will be a blast i know because they have some magnificant structures along the way like gothic Cathedrals, lots of Art by Picasso, Gaudi and my favourite Salvador Dali. The city just looks like it was built by Art first then by the priority to house people. Ofcourse summer would be perfect as the further south it gets the warmer it is. But this winter is amazingly Warm, so no qualms abouyt hitting Spain in Winter.

I think we've come really far and despite paying a lil' more than we really wanted cuz of the fucking incompetant SNCF administraion, it was all worth it to be where we are right now.

Of course Me being me, no holiday can be exciting until i do something. I finally pierced my lip, so as usual , do it now and Bother later explaining. and dont't worry i still will get my jobs. by the time i get back it should be almost healed. Okay well will pôst some later, thre is a bday dinner i gotta go to for Quentin, his friends and family are here so

A tout a l'heure my friends...continue later and more pictures


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heya purply people; so after a few days and getting lost at the countless number of roundabouts in france and having to get Quentin to come pick us up at Maccers and then having to push start the car with a stranger, cuz the car we borrowed from Quentins house mate 'Felix&Susie', the battery had died.So after all that and contemplating piercing my Lip but the shop was closed, We ARE STILL ALIVE PEOPLE!!!

Quentinhas finished his exams and we are ready to hit the drinks and then celebrate Quentins bday tomorrow. His 21st!!!then the next Morning we head to BARCELONA my friends.... Woohooo.....

Okay so like i promised, those pictures of the dress up party and anyother extras. I went as Chunli....A last minute grb at carrefour of curtains wrapped around me; a rippe dup white cheap top and Ta-da!!!! The boots and cuffs were mine.
Peace ya Fools!!!


Back in the normal outfits