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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nothing better but an F1 sunday!

The 2009 cars for the Formula 1 are completely different and somewhat ugly and almost old school looking. The spoilers look like those drag race cars!
I've just finished watching the 1st race of the season in Melbourne
and it definitely was a great start to the year with an Amazing comeback for Button and the Brawn team who a few weeks ago had no idea if they were racing or not without financial backing.
Much luck for Hamilton for his 4th placing when in the last 3 laps, Kubica hits into Vettel.

This season is gonna be completely different what with the new rules and modifications.
It's pouring down and after a big night out, I couldn't think of a better weekend with the thunder and lightening, the couch and friends chilling.
We had all thought about hitting KM8 but, we can forget that.

One last thing!!! Such a lie for Maclaren and the news surrounding how shit their cars are.
I totally agree that all the speculation of the cars was to trick everyone!
Now I have to wait another week:(

Besides from all the speed and adrenaline- I've had a crazy work week filming, with getting up at 6am every morning and sometimes back at 8pm. The pool scenes i had to film, really made me pass out at night being in the hot sun and splashing around! Well i appreciate the nice tan!!!

Break snacks! Chee chong Fun and Siew Mai-YUM!

Behind the scene muscles-Kiwi!

Julz and Hanson messing around!

Eddie, Paul and Hanson-In our Pirate Gear

Above the Pool yesterday!

My life seems to revolve at the moment around My Hoodratting boys, cars, filming and now the F1!!! I need to get back into exercising- I have no time!

Tuesday beforemy filming i have a stand in for AXN's Ebuzz on Tuesday so it will be a long day running around in make up. There is a tendancy to want to wear as little makeup as possible when I'm away from filming. I usually get home wet wipe my make up, and using Biohomme's facial cleanser and a sponge I scrub my face clean and with all the eye glue and mascara it usually means these Oiled up cotton pads to clean off the carbon makeup!

It's no wonder my face is whiter than my body becuase it's constantly being cleaned.
Another shout out to my favourite pre-make up product that
I swear by is the Clarins BEAUTY FLASHBALM.
It's actually amazing and somehow replumps your skin!!!! Get it!!!

I don't have much time to see my friends, excpet formthat is very late night Sweet eatings at Swensons and P.S. Cafe a Dempsey, even going all the way to the night Safari for Indian food, hahah!

Will post up more, been slacking from the usual postings.
Over and out!
ErialC aka Claire-Louise Jedrek xxx

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grasping the character

Oh how sick I have become overnight literally! When i want the rain to accompany my fever and nose dribbling and pressured ears- its BLAZING hot!

I didn't get a wink of sleep the night before.
Every hour I blinked the hours away looking at my phone time
only to hear the alarm go off at 6am. Well I told myself,
at least I didn't have to struggle with waking up as a comfort to a Long day ahead of filming.
Being stuck in a 10x10 dark air-conned room was not helping much and whats worse is I had a 'kissing' scene. Oh not good for the other party but i took my meds and my amazing Manager susie came to the rescue and came all the way down to the location and brought me Lemsip and Panadol for flu- Saviour!

I some how managed to get through the day with a hilarious lunch session with Adrian and Primero, when we went to some nearby Korean restaurant that only served set meals. We thought oh well, but when the fod came out, all individual dishes looked enough for 6 people!!! It was a steam-boat styled lunch and once the waiter recognised Adrian he brought out all sorts of free desserts and drinks, not including a discount and his money back in an envelope- We all left giggling and bursting at the seams.

Primero and Adrian P.

Thank God my bikini scene was earlier to the lunch scene!
I'm glad for the company of the cast and crew.
If not for their boisterious chat and funny antics,
I don't think I'd have made it through the day from 7-6pm.
thank you!!!
I then found out to my chagrin that 3 other people had previous flu/colds!
the constant bus rides and time spent together, I was bound to get something-Gah!
Sorry Julz-looks like I mighthave passed the cold onto you !


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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WEst side Art form the East Side

Brilliant Webbie and Art from this French female artist...
Check her website and go to her Street Graffiti which I think is the best.
She obviously has a thing for Geisha's and all things Japanese and if your into Quirky
people-this is your girl-somewhat reminds me of my sister Rachel!!!

Here are a few pics i stole from her webbie for you to get a glimpse:

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cats still play,mice astray!

I stole these form my sister's FB, pictures she took at her house
and I thought they HAD to be shared to everyone, hilariously adorable!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

That Casear, my sisters cat looking down form the window sill!

A fat cat rug!

Refusing to budge!

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Rain is here to stay

It absolutely pouring down and I'm on set at the moment for my first day of filming.
Yes I have my laptop here to entertain me but i thought ahead and
Assumed there was Wifi and lucky for me , the boy's dorm does!

Feeling slightly sleep but was out with the Rats last night doing the random eating's at cuppage terrace Japanese restaurant , not forgetting going all the way
to the airport for Swensons ice cream.
Previous to that, we went for a movie at Marina Square. We watched Watchmen, and after being slightly bummed that a friend said it was shiteous and too long, I went in with no expectations, only to leave the cinema actually quite liking the movie. It was quite long, but I love movies you can watch a 2nd time and see things that you missed. I actually thought from TV shots that
the movie was completely animated, but it turned out they made them up heavily to give them a very comic look!I'd say if you like intelligent movies that are slightly wordy, go watch it.
MAde me think of the 911 aftermath in Manhattan though....

The boys going thru' their midlife crisis, getting excited with crayons
at the airport!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cutest & Possibly Biggest Kitten I've seen in a while!

I forgot to mention , when i headed over to Alessia's for chits and chats,
her mum had bought a new Persian kitten, that looked uncannily similar
to their previous one that had passed away last year.
He was quite large for a 1 and a half month old kitten,
but I'm guessing if you had dunked him into a bowl of water ,
he would have shrunk to half it's fluffy ball!

It was hard to rip your attention away from such playsome horrors,
tearing up and down the couch, puffing up sideways,
and then collapsing into a huffy heap, panting and blinking at you.

Oh i could squeeze and eat him up..
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Pokemon PLane..awwww

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sickist Matt black Aston martin !

Feast for the eyes!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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DO you Thursdays???

Tuesdays and Thursdays are definitely the 2 most insignificant days of the week for some reason. They are in between nowhere!It's also these days that I get up to random nights of roaming with my fellow 'hood rat' boys..

I went over to Alessias(Dond girl S2) to have a good catch up since i got back from SA 3 weeks ago, with the local bitchings and great news we both had to share. She painted my nails and I tutted at the Boys trying to be Men in her world.

In the mean time, I was virtually uncontactable and when I put my dead phones Sim card into Alessias I had 20plus missed calls-Whoops.
YES! LG's SECRET is a shiteous phone and i will convert to Black Berry in the near future,
as is Everyone I know. Well fact is I also accidentally dribbled nail polish remover over it in SA and it began to peel and the side panel randomly fell off last week. I thought it was wicked looking becuase of the carbon fibre-but as you should apply to everything else-DON'T go for looks.

SO got picked up and headed over to the Ferrari garage to go look at
Marcus's new Ferarri 599 which is too be matted out white.
It's actually pretty bloody awesome, though prefering Lambo over Ferarri any day!

Heade for dinner at Cafe Iguana in Clarke Quay and left just before it started to Bawl down and headed over to Le Noir for quick drink then to Haagan Daaz where the heavens opened and poured like no tomorrow. Shockingly Haagan Daaz icecream and shakes are Horrendous-Yikes!!!

Then as aimlessly as per norm we hot Mustafa to go look at Music CD's and Dvd's and to go look around...

Reminds me i cant WAIT for Wolverine to hit the cinemas.
Definitely one of the better characters- I cant believe G doesn't like Xmen-WTf??!?!?!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Singapore Night Safari Drug Trafficking

SINGAPORE (AFP) "Singapore's zoo cancelled performances after police said Wednesday they had arrested ten Malaysian workers and three Singaporeans on suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking.

Three Malaysians were intercepted in their taxi at a border crossing between the two countries on Sunday carrying a variety of drugs including cannabis, ketamine and "ice", a concentrated form of methamphetamine, officers said.

One Malaysian and one Singaporean have been charged with drug importation and trafficking and face a minimum sentence of five years' jail and five strokes of the cane if convicted, she said.

Some of the suspects were part of a performance troupe that entertained visitors to the zoo's Night Safari section with mock tribal dances and fire-breathing stunts.

Drug trafficking is punishable by hanging in Singapore if the amounts carried by a suspect exceed certain limits specified by law."

Wow-Love how they remind you of the Severe penalties.

Not surprised he fire-breathers were the ones who got caught.

Just my own judgement. It could have been anyone!

Who would have thought though from the clean and green Zoo Gang!



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