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Monday, February 04, 2008

Stalkers, Skits and those Damn Men

I've a strange week with stranger encounters with rather odd and even amusing characters!

So to start this week, I was walking over to my bike when I spot a white slip of paper under my fuel cap. I think to myself, "OH no I got a FINE?" I get closer , and realise hey, tickets aren't written out on pages ripped from a 2006 diary! I pick it up and this is what it said!

"Hey good morning,
Wondering can be your pillion rider and gor for a ride one of these day. I know of the risk and danger involved, but don't worry I am heavily insure. Call me if you are adequately insured too and don't worry, Petrol on me lah! Have a nice DAy:)
PLS. This is one of my last wishes on Earth.

(on the back) Don't worry I am not bald Lah!
Deal or no Deal?"

CLICK below on picture to READ!

In all honest truth I was amused and a lil' creeped out at the same time! So anyhow a few calls were made on my behalf and it seemed to have been a young, male Chinese suspect, ha ha, well maybe he has a crush on me! He could be older but who knows!

The rest of the week was spent going out for drinks when a best friend of G came down from Aberdeen. So we had drinks at a friends house and along the way managed to check out Mimolette FINALLY... where the "Mode-elles" hung out and the crew of boys couldn't keep their eyes off em' and set their tongues wagging like lil' school boys- tsk tsk.

Ended up seeing quite a fair bit of friends there which shouldn't be a real surprise for me, but I guess i didn't know who and what to expect. The over all vibe despite the anorexic models and ripping hot bods of the male-mods (RRRrrrr, Meow!) felt like a giant house party, relaxed, chill and comfortable.

I also had my photo shoot for that Men's mag for the April Cover edition which i mentioned, and well the photos aren't too bad, but be sure to expect the unexpected! !

So hung out at the usual Le Noir and Attica haunts and even at sKy in MOS, where the boys managed to cath their Rugby only to see England lose to Wales...typical of em when hopes were high! DUB was playing at MOS with Limp Bizkits Scratch DJ in hand and they all came to Attica so we drank , chatted and partied with them boys from West London!It was a potential for a great night, though I must bite my tongue, as it WAS a Great night depending on HOW selective my memory chooses to be.

I haven't really been taking as many pictures as of late, but I guess how many more pictures can you see in the same poses , but just different outfits! 'Aren't you sick of that yet???

Hmm , well tomorrow , I have an interview with the Malay newspaper Berita at J8, at 10am which is perfect because its about 5 minutes away, though i don't have my bike:( I left it back on Sentosa last night, but I'll go get it tomorrow.

I'm thinking of taking up more dance classes like Pole dancing as it take alot of strength and agility and it will keep me busy!!! Besides that it's more auditions etc.

Alright I shall end here, later fools!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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