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Monday, February 18, 2008

Like it Or not!

A group I love alot for their lyrics and older tunes will be in town7th of March....INCUBUS!!!!!
Their concert will be held at Fort Canning Park for S$125 so for fans be sure to grab em' at Sistic outlets!!!
Moving on , I had a chilled weekend with alot of sleep but I guess its a counter action to my very late nights. I have a tendency to sleep in the early hours and wake up early- relatively.

I have some pictures I didn't post up of the events i attended on the 13th, the Valentines Event held at the Marriott hotel pool, which I went down to with Natalie foster, Alessia Zuliani and happened to meet Nicole Chen and alot of other random people! The event itself had alot of randoms!

14th itself I was working doing my first mini hosting job, which was a small thing for Rendezvous by Lexean and it was sponsored by Four seasons (where it was held), Dior Cosmetics and Veuve Cliquot! I was picked up after and headed to Le Noir for a couple of chilled drinks where I met Alessia and her friend Nicholas. The boys all went back and I went off home after a Maccers-yes tsk tsk for late night eating, but fact was I hadn't eaten any Dinner on Valentines!!!

Friday I had an amazing night from Mimolette and to Rupee Room, in which I had always wanted to check out. It had an amazing vibe and Hindi tunes and Bhangra Beats. A friend who had given me a ride in his Lambo from Mimolette took us into Ruby and it felt like I had stepped right in to a Bollywood movie!!!People were really friendly and we all had a good dance for about an hour and a half!!! I'm definitely a new fan of that place!!!And of course not forgetting our bodies shaked our way down to Attica- our all time favourites!

Friday I also had a shoot early in the day before the Chingay parade with the F1 car i mentioned in an earlier post. Clothes were sponsored by Gucci and Guess and the shoes were amazing!!!
This shoot is for ST Urban again, for next week I believe so be sure to watch out!
In which I'll end here with a link and perhaps a picture of the Urban from last week and the CLEO Magazine cover for March!!! Thanks to all my friends and people who have left comments on here and personally through the emails.
I appreciate the support!!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Below 42 Marriott Hotel - 13th February

Alessia, Me, Natalie and Nicole

Zouk ABOVE and Beyond - 10th February!

My Bestie Alicia

The old Sk8 boys-P, Hart and Shing

Aaron and Debbie

Stew McIntosh and Phil Poon

Leon aka DJ Inquisitive

PS. I will Post Pictures Of 2007 gone by... was The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & and the AMAZING but none the less, some fantastic memories!!!

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