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Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm a Yogi Bear

Since I've joined Pure Yoga, I have to admit that I've been sleeping alot better and earlier.
I've gone 3 times this week for morning classes and mid afternoon
I'm actually blinking my eyes to stay awake.

So far I've been for Hot Yoga 1, where the studio we practice in is heated to 37 degrees.
It's quite intense when the room get sup to maximum temperature and boy do you Sweat!
Today I went for Hatha 1, and its excellent conditioning for the body, breath and mind.

Well another random thing, a little ginger cat seems ot have wondered in and made itself comfortable and refuses to leave me alone. Hmm while at the pool I'll drop by the guard house and ask if it was someones pet. Just very random because I was mentioning something about having a cat wonder into our place. Hmm pure coincidence!

Peace and Juicy Carrots!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


ARE U Kidding Me!!!!!
I read this in The Straits Times, Saturday May 24th,
The WORLD Quickly section....

KUALA LUMPAR: A Malaysian MP told parliament
that there would be fewer marital problems and a
lower divorce rate if Muslim women were taught
to accept Polygamy.

Independent MP Ibrahim Ali said this after another
MP noted that women were always blamed for
marital issues. "Such problems happen because
women cannot accept polygamy,"The Star daily
quoted him as saying.

He also said women who were pregnant or had
"problems" in their 50s did not understand that
men still wnated to "have fun"-a remark which
drew a strong response from one woman MP
and a minister, who said: "That man is a male chauvinist."
(Agence France-Presse)

Your damn right people- that was an absolutely disgusting
remark and clearly shows the mentality of these cavemen
ministers-atleast we know who are cheating on their wives !!!
You don't need to be a feminist nor female for that cause to
wonder what B.C. century he's living in !
Also, love it how ST didn't print it on their own name
but used it under the 'Agence France-Presse'
A Little dig on Malaysia?

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Girl Next Door from?

the Girl Next Door (GND) finals are at St James Power House on the 30th May, are you going or gonna skip this year's FHM's Fetish finals?
I personally think last years batch were quite hot.
If you Really had to choose one this year, who would you choose?
(click Here for a close up or the picture below)

1. Naomi Lui
2. Cindy Lee
3. Cordelia Low
4. Merry Chen
5. Cindy Ang
6. Vanessa Goh
7. Eva Ang
8. Mandy Soong
9. Jasmine Ang
10. Elyn Chong

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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If you fall off your BIke-CHASE IT!!!

Whether this is real or not because the bike is rocking from side to side and goes back up right..hmmm you judge!!!!

Claire-Louise jedrek

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The Wheels on the Truck go Round & Round....

Spotted on the highway a massive Lego looking truck, brand new with Massive wheels, making feel like a kid again...I Love machines:)

Some random happening uncle with a massive windscreen attached to his bike, hahaha

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cute Ass and randoms

The Cute ass
So TIny!!!!
I'm sure alot of us can understand this!

And yes 1gb from the Past compared to todays 1gb!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random pictures of my 2 favourite girls!!!

A while ago!
ALi Tai Tai

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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F1 Monaco and all those mens Mags!

2 weeks later and its the Formula One in holiday haven Monaco.
It's a road track and its said to be PERHAPS a wet track today.
David Coulthard wrote his car off on qualifying and its the usual Pole line up of
Massa, Raikkonen and Hamilton. Watching Monaco will be looking at
a preview of Singapore's F1 in September!

Talking about the F1, I opened up Newman Magazine and I think I forgot
that I did an interview on The La Formula Una for them.
But anyway it shows this years La Formula Una but also quite a few pictures
of me and the girls from the La Formula Una in Brazil!
The pictures do look like ALOT of fun, so be sure to grab a copy for a read up!
Also spotted was me and a friend in Playeur Magazine at their launch.
I have yet to see it because it was all wrapped up and I'm not sure if i'll buy it.

Question for you guys....
What do you think of STUFF magazine covers?
Do the pictures seem alot more provocative and raunchy then FHM?
For example, this months is a girl in Black leather with chains....
Does that really entice you to want to pick up the magazine?????
Any comments feel free to post it,
I'd REALLY like to know some feedback!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Saturday, May 24, 2008 Grand Launch at indochine!

Friday 16th May
Was a social gathering of the usual faces held at Indochine Forbidden city.David Furhmenn-Lim (editor of FHm) On the decks!
With Riaz-neighbour and producer of The Contender
With Aimee from Deal or No Deal Season 2
With Choy who welcomed me as a new Kosmic sis
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, May 23, 2008


~Yes I get reminded of that constantly by this little voice that seems to repeat itself AT LEAST once a day followed by a chuckling!~

Anyway , It's Friday and it somehow feels like the weekend went and left me with Monday tomorrow!!! BUT it's ONLY Friday-the best day EVER of the Week!

SO Yesterday I hosted the HTC Touch Diamond Press Conference and Dinner at Shangrila. I was in the ballroom from 11.30am till 8 pm! I didn't even know it had rained heavily. That wasn't till after I had gone to Toni & Guy in Heeren at 10am to have my hair set in curls and pinned up for the press conference ad then later on let down for the dinner.(Also met friend Simone Heng, who was with Sebastian (DJ?)and nuffnang blogger who was from my Poly Nadya)

Tony and Guy are expensive even just to style your hair and i was rather adamant at first, but in all honest truth I don't think I could trust ANYONE else now. My Stylist 'Tommo" did such an AMAZING job, I wouldn't think twice next time around about who I'd go to ! If had a bad experience at Far East where in half an hour flat the curls disappeared!!!!

Getting on to the HTC Touch Diamond
Its part of the First Touch-screen generation of PDA phones-Very Sick. The back of the phone reminded me slightly of the Nokia Prism, but this was way more stylish and made to be alot more simpler functionality wise, than its main competitor the i-phone.
Click HERE for the website!!!

Ending the evening up , i was picked up and had dinner at Le Noir, my usual joint and had an amazing Grilled Tuna Steak-You must Try it, I never seem to tire of it!
I was then at Attica at 10pm , because I was judging a 'Babes & Hunks' contest for the wake-boarding community that was holding their party there.
Had some hysterical laughs as the guys tried to gyrate themselves on me and the other 2 judges!!!Quite a shocker they would go to such lengths, haha!

Was a great night and EARLY this morning, I was up and out watching twin exhausts being fitted to a BMW 5 series. Interesting rundowns and conversations about cars and what goes where and how things are done.
I swear I'll become a Do-it-yourself encyclopedia give or take 2-3 more years!!!
I just need to know how to Drive what I make!!!

Peace Fools!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I had the FUNNIEST conversation...well more of me laughing till my stomach hurt
and i swear i have a 6 pack now!!!!
You know that Chinese variety kind of show where like 16contestants are picked from the public and made into Celebrities or into the next actors/actresses, singers, dancers!!!! called
"U are the one"(click here for website).
Well G sees a TV ad for the show and the Voice Over says "YOU are the ONE"
and it changes to another advert. Well he turns around,

G says,"You are the One what?"

C says,"What you mean you are the one what?"

G says,"Well what are they?"

C (gives confused look)says,"HAhhahahaaAHHhahahahAHahahaahahAhA!"
C realises he has no idea what it means because it is a very weird way to brand a show!

Here's the show writeup,

"A total of 16 contestants will compete each week based on different themes and challenges. The score is based on 50% judges' score and 50% SMS votes. The top scorer for the week will be the thematic champion and this will give additional points to his or her total score in the competition. Resident judges include cosmetic guru Dr Georgia Lee, NMP Ms Eunice Olsen, Monsoon's honcho Addy Lee, artistes (local or foreign) and guest judges (based on theme).

In addition to the resident judges, based on the theme of the week, there will be 50 members of the public who will form the other half of the judging panel. For example, the Sexy Babe theme will have 50 sportsmen as guest judges.

8 finalists will proceed to the Grand Final where 1 male and 1 female champion will be crowned. The two of them will compete again and 1 overall champion will be crowned at the end of the grand final."

Claire-Louise Jedrek
*just incase any of you have the same hilarious conversation!!!*

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Transformer Car breakdancing!!!

AMAZING video by Chevrolet Europe

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Harlem Pyscho GIRL going MENTAL on Train!!

Wow, what was this Ghetto trash-talking chick on???
She was repeating herself like a broken record.
This is entertainment, see how someone records on their mobile
this chick flip out on an OLD LADY and shes told to CHILL!
OH this is FUNNY!
Don't get this shit in Singapore for sure!!!!
Thanks Ali 'taitai' !!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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I fell in Love

So as i was walking by MOS, I think I fell in Love(at first sight)!
It had a fat mouth, shiny hard sleek body that bounced the light back on to me
making me transfixed and made me take notice of Bentley's alot more now!

Not any Bentley but the Bentley Continental GT. I'm sure the GTC version
is just as Gorgeous, but I really couldn't take my eyes off her as I walked by.
She was in 'Beluga' colour, much like a solid Black, but I think I'd love
the one speckled with pearl, to give that twinkly effect!
I'm sure the cost of the car is just as beautiful and make me stare just as hard,
but anyway I sure do love looking at it!
Look how fat she looks!!!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Monday, May 19, 2008

funny Pictures!!!!

I haven't written since last Thursday-not terribly long ago
but I usually update Everyday!I'm kind of a Dory fish in some sections
and forget to share things I really wanted to!!!
So recapping from the week I came across some pictures
and other things while I was out...
The AWwwwwwww Pictures of a friend's Dog & what I came across:

The random funny pictures of signs and posters from
and lastly, a Girlfriend Kim, posted a hilarious picture of "Us 4 chicks" with our names tagged on these huge women!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I GOT Lost and did a Night TOUR!

2 nights ago , i got home in a real fluster because I managed t get lost at Cecil street going back to Sentosa. My dance class at Studio Wu is on Cecil Street, so I picked my GF up at Caribbeans and made it to Cecil in like 10 minutes. IT was SOOO Near by!

On the way back though, I made a wrong turning trying to get on to the ECP or something,
and I ended up going past Esplanade, then to City Hall, to Suntec
and then back down River Valley to Lower delta to Sentosa,
the ONLY way i was SURE of.
It took m e like 45minutes. Boy was i Upset with myself,
but I still managed to take some Night pictures somehow , haha Trigger Happy!
In the mean time I'm gonna go sabotage Joakim Gomez
who I heard is going to a Spa in Bishan park, ahahah!
Hit you back later with those!

and ofcourse RANDOM other shots fro yesterday after Yoga
One of 2 besties, Jojo!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Hot like ENgland!!!

Yes England is actually Blistering hot as told by my sister who popped in over the last weekend from France to go see my family! Oh , last time i went back to Summer in UK was like 6 years ago or something! All these last years I made it a point to go back for Christmas, so it's been the rain, cold and snow!
Anyway point being, it's REALLY REALLY hot today!
Amazing weather, good for swimming and tanning but I decided to do that tomorrow.
I can't be too dark!!!

I managed to slip in 2 auditions for today down at Henderson road, so crossing fingers, if not its okay, then I'll head to town to meet Alicia 'taitai' Pan for some Power yoga!!!

Sometimes out of 10 auditions you go to , you get perhaps 1/2 jobs
and if your lucky 3/4!I've learnt not to be disappointed if I don't get it,
but the ones newer to the industry struggle
with being disappointed. But honestly, it's not about who is prettier etc, its more about what the client wants and if you fit that description. It can come down to the smallest things like colour of hair or eyes, so no point being disappointed if you don't have Blond hair or Blue eyes!

Well in the mean time , I came across a website that had photos of artistic architectural staircases that blew me away! Definitely something I'd want in my own house one day!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Blind is the Way to go!!!

I've actually thought about Lasik surgery because I should honestly be walking around with black shades and a white cane, but HAVE YOU seen the PICTURES. Looks terrifyingly traumatic!!!!
they basically clamp your eye open!
I think I might skip it in future!!

Hhaah ANyway , tomorrow, I'll be hitting POWER YOGA, haha that explains it all! But this time I got a bone to pick with parking at Takashimaya!!!!
It cost me $10 for 2hours parking and thats for a MOTORBIKE-
Hell No , I ain't parking there tomorrow!

In mean time take a look at a good friend from childhood, called Lilian Kolster.
She does amazing sketches of birds. This is real Talent!

Actually coincidentally enough, I was online with her 2 days back and shes in Chengdu , and she says to me just had a massive Earthquake and shes siting outside of Internet Cafe and people are all over the streets chaotically. She took some pictures as well.

Funny thing is, she said despite the mayhem she can't see anything serious. After the last few days of news, it seems 20, 000 people are assumed missing and DEAD!!! Some towns have totally disappeared! Yikes. I'm glad shes safe and sound and rather cool about all of this-Bored almost!Ha ha!Enjoy the drawings!

Claire-Louise jedrek

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