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Thursday, February 28, 2008

SCreWLoose (hum 2 Footloose tune)

Man i just had 10 hours to interact with alot of people for filming
including STEVEN LIM!
Man oh man is he Screw loose!
EVERY moment he spent in front of camera
he was saying or doing something WEIRD!
Like constantly singing or thinking he was some Street fighter character!

I am really tired and the situation with my arm is kind of worse
off then it was before!
For 4 days now my right arm has been a darker red and my whole arm is swollen.
IT feels exactly like when you hang your head off the side of the bed,
except this time its my arm , so there's a constant blood rush to it!
I paid $12 bucks near by to get a doctor telling me that since there isn't any pain
when he touches it, there isn't anything wrong?!?!?!?
Okay time to NOT be lazy and go get a 2nd opinion and perhaps a specialist!

Got auditions tomorrow and script readings
and as explained to alot of people, out of 10 auditions it's likely you can get 3 or 4.
Less then half, yes well it means lots of traveling and lots of disappointment
and being PATIENT!!!

Oh today's ST Urban came out in which you see my posing with the
Redbull Racing Car in Guess and Gucci and an accompanying article
about alternative Beauty Pageants such as the La formula Una.
In all honest truth it isn't really qualified anything near as a pageant and more
of an F1 Program just for Female Fans.

It truly is a ONCE in a lifetime treat
that I went to 2 times last year to get the
REAL sights, sounds and smells of track life and get up, close and personal with.....
no not the drivers but the F1 cars, the mechanics
FULL Paddock and Pit access!
I think people don't undersatdn how much this costs!!!
We are talkiing int the thousands and thousands and getting that Full access,
is virtually impossible!!!!!!
Saturday will be the La Formula Una Selection Party at M by the River!

Okay well just a random insert..who gave Tila Tequila her own reality show???
Hahaha no doubt shes hot in an " I love airheads and Asian Chicks" kinda way,
but makes for good entertainment if your into fake tans,boobs, wannabe lesbians,
and some kinda skanks who want a cheap shot at FAME!!!

Look out for the Cat fight at the end!!! Only thing exciting!!

Okay will end off here!!!
I've been given a time limit to sleep at 2am ,
well mostly because I sleep late?
Very Late like 4-5am??
Okay anyhow off to bed!

Claire-Louise Jedrek


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