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Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to the old Strike a Pose

I've decided to see how long I can hold up listening to Madonna tunes on my blog
till her new song with Justin Timberlake -
"4 Minutes to Save the world" is out.
In the mean time bring out those pointy boobs-
see through tops and bleach that hair-
we have Retro-bushy brow Maddie!!!!
Starting with

Claire-Louise Jedrek

ALot about the WU!

Fabulous Ted Wu!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleep Fest 2008

What U Mean NOT on the MENU?
The things you learn from other people- I had no idea you could order off the menu.
For instance had a nice dinner at Mezzanine and while some of you may think-
a Cheese burger , medium rare is NOT dinner-
OH but it is when the burger was like a steak fillet-YUM!!!!
Okay point is, my friend orders a LAMB burger and
i'm searching up and down the menu for it and he finally says -
"no its not on there, it will be specially prepared" O-K......
hmm but waiting an hour for it ,
Forget it even though there were some certain other privileges!

Have you noticed alot of celebrity pregnancies-
Tis the Season for Mating!

1. Gwen Stefani
2. Angelina Jolie(Apparently she and Brad got hitched over the weekend in New Orleans)
3.Nicole Kidman (finally! isn't she nearly 50?)
4.Jessica Alba

Must be the Latest Fashion Trend!!!Hahahaha

Well I had a really good rest in Saturday doing exactly what I wanted to do-Nothing but be a Couch Potato!!! Was busy with rehearsals for Wedding Affair and filming (MSU winner) and Rachel Doss and 2 Dond boys.

Today was a great chilled day as well, swimming, tidying up, and trying to FISH with a safety pin, netting and string. Haha, Spent about one hour feeding the fish out by the water! Simple pleasures in life!!!But an absolute failing-no fish captured at all!

This week I will try meet up with all the girls because I do believe i've been MIA for the last week or so!Oh read up that "ALI G" aka Sacha Baron Cohen is in the works and filming his Gay reporter character. I dont hink it'll be as great as BORAT but certainly entertaining in his crude-daring ways ofcourse.

Anyone seen VANTAGE POINT?
I have soooo many movies to catch up on Shutter-The Eye-Horton!!!!! I heard Vantage point was very slow the first half and it got better towards the end???
Reminds me- I have to finish my puzzle at home. I've done the edges but thats about it! Yikes*sack round the head*

Okay I got new pics to load of The Wedding Affair backstage, so those willbe up tomorrow.Kisses!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A to B

I think when ever anyone meets me on the streets,
they ALWAYS seem to think I'm rushing somewhere.
Half those times, I usually am.
It seems my life can't work unless I'm rushing from A to B.
I think its become so ingrained into me to Rush
I look like im rushing,
though I might not really be!

This is a busy week for me what with filming of the Trailer for The showdown-
so till that comes out I can't say anything more!
But for sure , you guys will LOVE this new show. Very entertaining.
Then i was busy with full dress rehearsals all day for a tiny segment I'm in for tomorrow's
Finale of The Wedding Affair which airs at like 8pm?
Well look out for it tomorrow evening because it will be LIVE!

where I will be opening that segment at 7.30ish -
so football fans Niigata vs Bukit Gombak will be playing!

I have an early start at 6am, I have an interview with Lutifiah,
this years winner for La Formula Una Sepang

Claire-Louise Jedrek


Trailer shoot with Rachel Doss, David Stelzer and Shuan De Cruz

Those vain Dond boys, Daniel Jacobs and Fajr!

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What products do you prefer???

If your a Sony fan, click in the box and check out the SONY products
under my music video in the side bar!!!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Amazing Video at the Zoo!

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NEW SONG -Touch My Body

I've always been a Mariah Carey Fan(cept for her Charm bracelet album-yikes)
and this time around and shes sporting a New HOT Body-
so you can guess why she wants YOU to Touch her body.

This Song still is a bit whimsical but its Mariah!
We do miss her good old 8 octave range belts though!!!
Seems Madonna is kicking this (other) Happy Claps ass .
Nearly forgot Maddie was a Happy clap-
I actually briefly thought oh she's British ahahahah. Doh!

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Changing winds?

So i had an interesting week-things seem to be leveling out to a plateau and hopefully I reach the other side where its all down hill from then on! Till then it's Trod trod plod!

Had a Great Friday out which was one of the best in a long while, especially since all the random people from London and elsewhere decided to fly in at the SAME time and appear in the SAME place! Absolutely brilliant surprises!

And as always will load some other fun clips from Attica and MOS- in which it has been a while!
Will load some random pictures we took in the Supermarket- Very Questionable products!!!
Annie's NAturals?????

Friday 21stMarch @Attica

Jye at MOs and swapping Soles for the night!
Also int'l editor for FHM

Also speaking of which i did not go to Sepang because i was feeling under the weather
BUT that didn't stop me from watching it!
I needed good rest but i did catch the F1 in the Maserati show room with the Ferrari boys
though I have to admit i'm still a Mclaren fan and
Alonso but alas Alonso is way down the charts with Renault.
A big uproar awhen Massa spun out and hit the gravel. I had to hide my glee of course.
In which case I got a photos of a Very hot Car in RollsRoyce.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, March 21, 2008

South Park Makes Fun of Britney-taking it too far?

South Park makes fun of the Britney saga with the media- which is TRUE!!! The media will kill her!




Claire-Louise Jedrek

PS.if some problem loading- just keep pressing play and it will work-sometimes the connection:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

amazing people

Its truly amazing what people can get away with nowadays!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Geisha Puzzle

This the new puzzle I bought yesterday with Lilian at Plaza Singapura!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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I just watched one of the most moving performances and life stories
of Iris Murdoch the English author played by Dame Judi Dench.
She played it so incredibly well I was transfixed onto every word that left her lips and every action she made throughout the movie.
One of the best performances ever.
To put it in short her life was about words and Alzheimer's took that away
and as she put it she sailed on into the Darkness.
Not only that, I'm the hopeless romantic when it comes to the love of ones life!
Her "husband", John Bayley played by Jim Broadbent
was equally moving and reassuring throughout the movie.
I don't know why it took me so long to watch this.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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I absolutely LOVE the Ellen DeGeneres Show-
she is by far the funniest host ever in her awkward- clumsy way of interviewing people.
In the mean time here's this Kid who plays the latest
Toy Guitar HERO-

which seems to have taken the world by storm.
This kid plays the hardest song on the game and is INHUMAN- I swear-
AND he had to be Chinese-
Some how we should have known!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Are you Ready for FHM April ???

Finally the wait is over and the April cover is out:S

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Spontaneous Flings!!!

Saturday while at Le Noir,
1) I meet my cousin who I haven't seen in a Long while,

2) Me and Lilian with G and a friend in tow, march confidently towards the GX-5 Xtreme Swing(next to the Gmax Reverse Bungy) after I mention it to Lilian.
We pay $40 dollars each an din the next 5minutes or so we were being strapped up the crotch at midnight to this metal cage and wondering how did we get there so fast!
Was exhilirating while it pulls you u on to one tower 40m in the air-
and another passenger pulls a cord and
we go Hurtling through the clear warm singapore night. WEeeeeeeeeeeee!
Well Me and Lilian that is-
the boys stood there with our belongings thinking about "SAFER" things
that they could be doing- Like strolling down the River- Or having Supper!!!

3) I find out Paul Foster is back in town after his stint in Thailand , so we're glad to have him back in the scene!

4)My FHM April Cover is out and Van the floor Manager for Le Noir saw a big massive board of me at the launch of FHM's 100 Girl Next Door. No i'm not one of them just to be sure! But was really weird having random dudes come up and take pictures once they saw me there:SWill post those pictures up!!!

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She hates Beatles....

Heather Mills has been given an agreed divorce settlement sum worth nearly 25 million pounds from former Beatle Paul McCartney!!!!
Who knows who's right in this, we can only speculate - but the legal battle is over- will she still be painted as the black widow only after the mollah?
Just interesting tabloid gossip!
Not that it really affected us in anyway !!!

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FHM Party @ Thumper

SO a week back I did not post them pictures of the party where
myself, G,Alessia Jojo, Nick, Eddy and Lilian all headed down to.

It was crowded and well-
I wouldn't say Thumper was my favourite of all places,
I just wished there wasn't so many people!

Just a reason to mingle and PR i suppose.
Even then, that's REALLY not my kind of thing as I saw some others doing.
I was handed a few cards on introduction, in which I only just remembered after typing
this entry!!!
Enough talk here are the pictures!!!.

Lilian(Pink)-Alessia(Black hat)-Me-Jojo(Other checkered hat)

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, March 14, 2008



FHM April

Okay Guys Look out for
FHM April!!!

Should be coming out in next few days!!
Yes that was the shoot I mentioned before!!!!
I'm ALWAYS nervous when a new mag cover comes out:S
Hope the pictures turnout good!
I trust the editors!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tiger out for 1 Night Only

So headed out to Attica, first time in 2 weeks- so a 1 night release -
and a real eye opener in some sense about others!
Word of the month:

"Ignorance Breeds Contempt"

Headed out with Alessia and met the usual suspects. Made a relatively early exit though and was up Early this morning!!!

Tomorrow is the Cleo Bachelor Awards and the boy-friends that I'm there to support are
Daniel Jacobs & Joakim Gomez!

Of course I wish all my luck to the 50 of them and a few other boys who I shot the cover with and of course worked with on Deal or no Deal...

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Random pictures

Janet Jackson has made a Comeback and she looks amazing!!!!
Her new album has been released and check out the First Release
I Love her!!!!!
It's my new video check it in sidebar!
the Dance Queen is back and tearing it apart!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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