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Thursday, December 21, 2006

X'mas Shutdown

FOGGY TIMEs are Here

It is getting bitter cold here and what with the FOG shutting down Heathrow airport stranding thousands if not a million people. HOw typical of something like this to happen.
The temperature has dropped to about -2 degrees in this week to come and the FOG has engulfed us in London making it difficult to drive around and inconveniencing everyone. I now wear double pants to bed and double layers to sleep with 2 blankets, the heaters aren't of any use either cuz they shut off at 10pm and turn on again in the morning.

Showers are the worse. Water is boiling hot but stepping out is the worst bit. Ken just mentioned that he feels like hibernating like his aunt's tortoise kept in a box in the shed that will wake up in spring.

So besides feeling Cold all the time instead of sweaty and hot in singapore all the time, me and Ken have an expanding footwwear collection. We were walking around Trafalgar Square and down one of the roads i found BOOTS! YEs you know shes a gonna when they are at £7($21) a pair. So after Ken tried to stop me from buying the whole shop i bought 2 pairs of Boots and a flats at £3($9). We've been lost in London all week which isn't that hard, and just been endlessly wandering around.Ken has been awed at lots of huge buildings and such, and we even ended up at buckingham palace...

InEPT at movement
Last 2 days we been chilling in the warmth of the house and just going to the local town areas called Ealing Broadway...and accidently bought my self a pair of Diesel shoes, ahahhaah im terrible.No more for me! Oh and we got all our trains and hotels booked for France,Paris and will be in france for 2 weeks. Rest of the time we will be bunging in with friends and with Quentin, my sister (Rach) BF...

Anyway heres to the decreasing temperature, and miss you are some more pics.kisses

The colourfully lit London Eye at only 5pm in the evening and
Westminister and Big Ben, which actually is the bell in side...

Tiny me and Sherlocks Pub?

Friday, December 15, 2006


Me and Borat!!!

Spent 4hours yesterday in the Natural History Museum yesterday and an hour or so in Victoria and Albert Museum next door to it and walked all the way down Kingsbridge to where Harrods was, before it got dark at 4pm and we headed off back to his 'aunts' place.

Ken was in awe of the beautifully carved museums as you know Singapore doesn't hole that many centuries of History. I'm so glad he finally got to see the beauty of the buildings and what was held in side, the treasures of our Beginnings on this earth.


Cats and Barbara Streisand aka A Moose

Ken looking @REdwood and fav. statue of Eve

Amazingly we only spent around £10 ($30) on some food and today's quick lunch.Today we are staying the whole day in as we're invited to make our way down to a Rave/party in the East of London in a place called The Public place or osmething apparently an old converted (victorian?) public toilet in to a club venue, sounds dodgy and highly interesting. Thing is the party starts at 1AMthru'out the early morning till 9am, hence we have helped wrap x'mas prezzies and watched TV. Will catch extra naps of sleep in prep for tonight, because transport only starts at 7am,so we have to be there for atleast 7hours!!!

Well its pretty chilly here but its only 13 degrees, not ascold as up north, the wind makes it worse.It's our 3rd day here and we've alot of places to cover before x'mas. Time will pass fast i suspect, but till then here are a bunch of pics from Monday till Today.

Cold at night in Ealing

Outside my grandads and with Pauline

Me eatingCrisps and Ken packing prezzies

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Motherland

So i'm finally here and still hasn't officially sunk. Weathers has been not too bad though was chilly when i stepped out the airport to take a smoke. I wasn't sure which was exhale and which was cigarette smoke, hahaha, silly us.

Great to see my grandad finally and he's still up and about cooking, cleaning: A Tough old cookie.
Have yet to go see Nan's Grave which is 10 mins walk down the road to the cemetary. My uncle Lee said he'll bring us down there sometime soon and also to go play some pool, thoughwell somewhat odd to add on in the same sentence, just came to mind.
I have to layer atleast 3 lots of cloths and my silly sister has also forgotten to leave me all the sweaters so i had to buy 2 for $5 pounds, which is relatively chepa i suppose meaning it cost my $15 sing dollars.

Alot to see and do and our first day seemed to be like the Amazing race as we had slight accomadation problems that left me frekaing out for a bit but that okay cuz im stay West of London in Ealing with Ken's 'auntie' who has a beautiful 3 storey house and she has been feeding us with tonnes of food. It's great to be able to still getthe singaporean snacks and such. She's a great cook.

I'm off to meet my Mum's friend Pauling at 7.15 which also brings to mind that although it's 4pm , it has already begun to get dark, so i always keep thinkin its like 6pm/7pm...really odd.

We woke at like 6am this morning and we've started to get some jet lag. Transport is HELLA EXPENSIVE. One bus ride is £1.50($4.50) and alot cheaper if you buy a weekly card for train and bus. haven't done much but Mull around and chill.

Our cousin Emma was a darlin and met me and Ken after we had arrived in UK at Victoria station. Can't wait to see the rest of the cousins later on in the week. X'mas is coming up soon and i've got alot of things i wanna cook for Grandad and Lee cuz they always just eat chicken and a few other things.

Okay will post some pictures again when i getthe chance. Miss you fella already.

*cold in the Membrane*

Monday, December 11, 2006

Here Again Once i'm leaving.

Has this been one hell of a HEctic Last 2 weeks, doesn't help that someone keeps insisting to do Everything for me and then when i don't need the help i'm called ungrateful, Yes, we've all come across it by our Own Blood.
So besides the Rush, it has been an Eventful few day none-the-less.

ZoukOut Reunion~~~

NOt only was it a reunion with my friends who study in GoldCoast, JoJoaYoYo and Rae, it was with Ian my Poly Mate and last but not least with Maiwenn, my long lost cousin of the singapore shores for 9 years. she has washed ashore and it was great to see her. I also met up with a freind of hers that i last saw wheni was about 4 foot high, thank God i grew, hahah, Emma, her Boyfriend Paul and with Mai's old highschool friend Cristophe. It was a real night of nationalities, with Me and Emma being British/chinese, Paul is Kenyan, Mai is Frnech/chinese and christophe is French/filipino and we had the chinese in whole with eurasian here and there. Was the Fricking UN representing!

Mulling and catching up~~~
We partied hard from 2am till 6.30am, which was day break, and drank and had way too much fun. Me and Mai were meant to have Lunch Sunday Afternnon which then became Late lunch at almost 4pm with Christope in tow. she followed me around while i bought a huge $32 Luggage for UK in which i LEAVE TONIGHT aRghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay then we went back to Christophes bachelor Pad where she was staying. Ken came later on and another of Mai's old high school Freinds and we sat around tlaking, listening and eating the best of Modesto's ordere pizzas and some homemade Wine.

Well Ken and I are on our last leg to tie up loose ends and we are Flying across the continents over to UK and france in January. Excitement is mounting slowly cuz we are busy doing errands and trying to pack which we havent yet. Will miss you guys for X'mas have a good one.



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Me and Boss trying to be CUte