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Thursday, July 31, 2008

MISIA queen of Japanese R&B

So MISIA, Japanese R&B queen is in town as of yesterday
who will be once again in Singapore for her Asian leg of her
Discotheque Tour on September 13th at the Singapore Expo hall!

The claim to her 5 octave range, hailing her the Asian Mariah Carey
is absolutely true because I heard a piece of her on going flurry
this morning at her press conference held at Zouk.

She certainly lives up to the hype, with her funky dreadlocks and style.
A small lady with a HUGE voice hidden somewhere inside her ready to come out.
I can't wait to see her concert which I know will be rocking,
so MISIA fans, don't forget to buy your J-Pop tickets at the sistec outlets!!!!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movie mania

I got a tonne of movies I want to see, but have no time to !!!!
Wall-E, The journey to the centre of the Earth, Hellboy and Wanted...
Hmmm anyone free for a movie?? heheh Kidding!

Talking about that, The transformers movie sequels are being shot now, Yeah !! I can't wait!
AND I hope they show Bruno here:S Might be too politically incorrect.
Movies Movies Movies
Oh and word has it X-Files isn't that good after a 6 year hiatus!
Its said not to be scary or very populated with aliens, hmmmmmm.....?!?
Anyone else seen any of these movies?
Ohoh and Wat about Red Cliff?
I actually thought it looked amazing but those were just the screenshots, soooo..
its possible that it was long and draggy..hmmm
too many different comments from different people!


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All about Money!

This is SERIOUSLY one of funniest adverts in a long time about switching your phone off in the movies... It's sooo Singaporean I love it. classic!

Talking about Money Not Enough, heres the railer for Part II I can't wait!!!!I think I've been here long enough to TOTALLY understand, maybe 'cept some of the dialect meanings, but there are subtitles for the whole movie!!! Woooo! I can't believe its 10 years since the last one!!! My time flies!!!

sorry with the lack of writing,
been a bit of a sniffler and busy!
Watch out this Friday once again for AXN Ebuzz at 8pm and midnight.
Reruns I found out are sundays and Mondays!


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Like...Pause...NOT!!!!

Did you hear the new name of Sascha Cohen's new movie. Besides his Kazakh's Borat he has his Gay Austrian reporter called "Bruno". So what is the new movie called?!?!

"Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt."
Hahahah I kid you not. I wonder if this will be as good as Borat. It's certainly not as groundbreaking movie wise. He is an absolute genius though and daringly cheeky!

I've been kind of busy, not having time to write much, also nothing as interesting!
In the last week had a company lunch with my new managers Kosmic
and the rest of the crew form there!

Had filming for AXN this week so catch Thursday and Friday's Ebuzz on AXN
same time 8-830pm and midnight's repeat!

I managed to catch the Dark Knight which was everything that all the critics said it would be.
Once again brings to mind what a shame to have lost Heath Ledger
who seems to mirror the quote from the movie ,
that its better to die a hero then to carry on living as the villain
or something along those lines.
Kind of seems it reflects what Heaths life was.
Just a thought.

Shout out to my girl Kimberley "Oslan" who's birthday is today
but I know shes bogged down with work and school.
Weekend hunny!

Hmm sister is back soon, counting down the days!!!
in the mean time I'm still teaching the girls at Cedar dance,
which is becoming easier and i think they are getting the hang of Breakdancing and Hiphop,
though they do give dead give aways when doing moves like pointing their toes, which makes it obvious they do ballet or modern dance.

I'm outta here, peace out!


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Sunday, July 13, 2008

14 days Behind the Scenes

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guilty but not my fault!

CONTAINS Movie Spoiler!!!!

Hey hey so, I got a pleasant surprise by going to see
Will Smith's new summer blockbuster, that is a yearly affair!
In short he plays a new breed of scroog-ish, drunk and rude
Super hero in HANCOCK. Of course with great power comes great responsibility
and he occasionally saves people and gets a couple of criminals
damaging millions of dollars of property in the process!
He gets restyled , goes to jail comes out and becomes a peoples person
also finding out he has another half when all along he thought
he was the lone scrooge with super powers.

So I went to watch it in the Gold Class where they serve you food and drinks
that you order from a menu. What I felt guilty for was an obvious chubby new waiter
who very unfortunately dropped the drinks all over some
big white dude and his two dates! You heard him yell and swear and storm off.
The poor waiter was all in a fluster trying to dry the seat up.
The 3 movie goers never came back.
Poor guy, my heart went out for him!

Had a tiring end of week teaching my old school dance,
because after a 2 hour lesson, I found out it had been extended
to a 3 hour lesson! How these girls can cope after school and go home and
do their homework, surely must mean alot of self-discipline!

If any of you was watching AXN at 8-830pm yesterday I took over
Ebuzz giving you guys the latest gossip and movie updates!
I forgot to mention because I haven't written for a week.
Ill be on again in the 3rd and 4th week!
Hope you all have a good rest of the weekend ahead.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I played with String and Paper

Nowadays, don't you think kids have a ridiculous choice of toys,
I was climbing trees and diggin' up worms!
Hmmmm check these kids toys and the different versions-How lucky they are!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Earth to ErialC

Yes i'm still alive!!! Here's a warm up to you guys with a
funny video where a grandson teaches his Cantonese speaking grandma English...
certainly a good video!!! But just a forewarning, some swear words involved!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Muttons at Midnight TONIGHT! 987fm

Don't forget to catch me and maybe other Dond girls tonight
on 987FM with Justin and Vernon, Muttons at Midnight.

God knows what they will be doing to put me on the spot tonight
but it will be related to tomorrows episode of
episode 9 where myself and the Dond girls will be facing off against
The Underdogs, the TV Rejects!!!!

Here are some of the banners some people created for the competition

Pretty cute ahhaah looks like by girls, good effort though!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


~~~~~Indiana Jones~~~~~

Always enjoyable and why not make a last one for the fans.
Harrison Ford is looking great but thats not hard in a movie with all
the make up and graphics and of course Shia Lebeouf.....
the movie makes you wonder will there be any new ones out?
People did say , 'it ends with alien's????WTF?'
but I mean come on, its Indiana Jones, wasn't there a ghost in a previous one...
whats the difference. It's all make believe!
I Liked it!

~~~~~Kungfu Panda~~~~~

The panda is with out doubt based on Jack Black,
and it was a huge laugh except what really ruined it for me
was all the screen shots from TV which show all
the BEST bits as usual and when you come to the movie
you expect more but all you get is all that was shown
on the TV or the trailers at movies!!!
ARGHHHH it always pisses me off so I try my best
not to watch the trailers!
Thing is with Jack Black I'd like to actually see him in something
serious because sometimes i feel like I'm watching the same
movie with the same character!

~~~~~You Don't Mess with the Zohan!~~~~~

Adam Sandler never proves to fail me with a laughter,
but like Jack Black, there is no mor
e extra to it with Slap stick,
strange enough I prefer, British Dry , sarcastic Humour,
but i still Loved this new Sandler movie and all the
digs at the war and politics and all the over the top humour.
Ofcourse there were the cringe moments with all the old ladies
inteh backroom, but I guess it's worth it, though I agree
that this was a chick flick and well
for those who can laugh at nonsense easily,
I only had a few moments with the jumping and flipping from roof to roof
and his HUGE package in his pants!
Classic Sandler style!

~~~~~~The Incredible Hulk~~~~~

I was just going to wait for the DVD and watch it when there
was nothing else to watch on the TV, but.....but.....
This movie impressed me alot more than i thought it would
and I watched and LOVED the fight scenes!
DEfinitely go and see this!
It's alot more edgier then the cartoony made one previously
that I didn't bother watching because it wasn't realistic enough.
There are soo many good movies coming out!!!!
Just watched 21 last night, Great movie, talk about that next time!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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I'm all for Obama but...

It wasn't long before someone came up with this!!!
But besides from that, Clinton has joined Obama in his campaign
promoting unity overcoming her losses in proof that she has moved on!
As a Democrat I'm pretty sure it SHOULD be in her every interest to see
that Senator Obama who heads the party in the race to elections is elected!

Their joint campaign rally named,
'New Hampshire town of Unity'
was in bid of people to end the rule of the Republican's in the White house,
so as to change the future of their nation for the sake of the people!

I won't go any further because some of you might not be too interested
in American Politics and might find it a tad bit dry,
but its really like watching a TV soap opera thats gripping,
only effect is that how America is run, overtly affects the world.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

For FUN...
take the Obama vs McCain poll in my sidebar!!!!

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