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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Empty chocolates

It's weird how despite not one being to celebrate Valentines Day it looms over one's head like a big black cloud. Well maybe white and fluffy to someone else, but in a pessimistic view, it's a constant reminder of Love and what it is and what you want it to be, marriage, kids, future and blah, blah blah...
For others its time out to give that 'other' special person some thought (& i honestly think why can't you think about your other half on any other day not just because its V-day), perhaps because they get caught up and to the more extreme, Chocolates, Flowers, Dinner date and Nothing less!

Okay well my other half for the time being, painted my nails a nice Fuchsia and did an Amazing job. Big hugs and massive kisses to Alessia, yes box no.7!!! Talk about perfectionist in all ways, I felt like I was a school girl with fingers stretched out in front of me and if i flinched the slightest, a nice thin rattan cane would come down swiping away at my fingers...Ouch!

I spent the better half of my day running after people doing my errands, and it really is quite tiring being on your bike for 3 hours. You tend to lose concentration in the midst of Traffic and i had to shake my head to snap out of my Zoning!

Well perhaps because as well I went over to a friends house for a swim, which was actually quite tiring after doing laps and messing around in the pool!
Of course my double trouble partner Alessia, had her first shoot with me yesterday and we were a bouncy , bubbly bottle of chatter and someone had left an Afro wig on the table, we then spent the better half of an hour taking pictures and amusing ourselves...Our theme: DIVA's and QUEENS - and boy do we know some!

Hmm somethings on the side the Elections grows closer and last week I spent alot of time in front of my computer watching all of the debates between Clinton and Obama and war time veteran McCain, the rest we need not mention as they aren't doing so well. Already this is movie material!!! A White woman vs a Black man running for president. This really is history in the making and this has to be one of the most exciting Elections!

I definitely am a Democratic supporter and I like both Clinton and Obama, but Clinton without doubt has the stronger say and has evidence of what she has done for Health care which is one of their key issues. Also a big issue is homeland security and Clinton seems to have gotten all of this under her belt.
As much as I Like Obama and he has written history already, Clinton is much more prepared for this and has proven what she has done for the people as well. She has her fair share of black supporters and it will be an uphill battle for Obama who has been doing exceedingly well in the latest states.

A time for Change and Yes Change is hard,
but the United States needs to move the Republicans over for new times ahead and repair what is damaged! They don't need more money pumped into Defense as Bush did , and though he meant well for the country, it seems to be run by the Oil and Meat industry, not what they can do for the people! Wow...too long too long...Nobody cares for all this nonsense except those into the elections...Just an interest of mine!

Okay on a MUCH lighter note, I'm hosting a Valentines Event tomorrow at the Four Seasons for Veuve Cliquot and then Friday I have a shoot for Urban Again, this time the front cover in relations with the F1, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers licked.


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