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Monday, March 26, 2007

RedBull girl?

So this weekend was pretty much a fun one with my sis. I was asked to go to this F1 Redbull party at Muse , National Museum and we found ourselves to be suddenly in a group of 30 girls and doing an interview with Miss eileen Wee . The competition was as we found out to bring 10 out of 30 girls that night to KL to go watch the F1, which sounded pretty good to me and to be there allexpenses paid sounds like my kind of deal.
SO i got a call yesterday saying i got confirmed as one of the girls and looks like i'm up in Malaysia befor ei leave to Perth from 5th to 8th April for the F1 races, inwhich I always wanted to go , but who will go with me and well, it's expensive. So I'm prety happy about this and especially witha great group of chicks from Muse in which we all headed down to Butter and partied away !
Int he mean time suddenly have got a bunch of auditions to go down to and since i'm still looking for a job, i might as well go down, even one for this TV show called Deal or NO Deal or something like that to stand there with other models, not sure what that is about, but not sure I want to do that or have the time!
Anyway sis just finished her Grad show, so i will go spend some time talking to h er and catch up...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pics from the last 2 weeks

Pictures from Our day on Pulau Ubin, playing an amazing race competition,and each station we had to take photos to prove that we found the station. My favourite definitely had to be the Wart Hog that was somewhat domesticated and we even managed to feed the smelly thing slices of bread...

I always find time to take pics with cats..

The Hog..snort snort
Ex-Tp team mates