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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Those Crazy Diving guys

A Lil' intro to just a few of those weird Characters that jumped that chopper....Me and Kim had names for most of the jumpers that came into conversation with us...Was easier to remember till we knew their real names...well some

Crazy fool, who Kim and I thought was the Likest Guy who could be Gay, cuz of his All-american Californian Accent, that sounded real Batty-boy at times....I don't know all the details about him, as informed as Kim Skye Walker, but i know he's in and out the country, based jumped off the buildings in the CBD 100 plus times (illegaly of course), and Must be RICH cuz he owns his own business spread around the region. And he has the Hots for KIm..MUAhahahahahaah...Sucker! Oh of German Heritage..something like Stephan Muiller...can't remember.

BOSS aka Gurtmar; Lost lil' Bird
He was one of the owners of the companys along with Richard, but Richards just boring to look at and uptight!!! Gurtmar, weird looking fella, really white who told me not to tan to much or I'd end up with second stage Melonoma (skin cancer, however its spelt). Fast speaking, neurotic Austrian, funnie as hell with all his bloody analogys related to sex some way or anotrher, he's like the loser white guy..but he was hella cool...
Here he is looking like he needs some spare chaneg after the event was finished.

John Pesci: Crazy, ADD, fidgety Italiano Bike Man

This dude, was real quiet,looked kinda stuck up when we first saw him on the first day. The second day, Me and Kim were talking to Steph and him about our child hoods, suddenly, he gets all excited and starts tellin gus how he blew up frogs and slung cat-laden bags on to buses for his childhood. It was so fucking funie....

All it took was that and the next 2 days, he was a huge kid, riding on some mountain bike, trying to wheelie, scare poor souls like myself while taking calls for Gurtmar.I swear it was the Redbull, everyone was Hooked to it, every morning they'd be pestering us for it and the Redbull chicks only arrived at like 12pm. He was one of those dudes who went all SPaz without the caffeine.

He was pouring ice done the back of peopls tops, splashing water and most memorably icing his Bald head to cool off.

Mum and DAd!!!
Later that and drinks at Esplanade......tired wacked out and feeling plan silly.