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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

NAtsuko b'day 18/8....AHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA


This collage regards to kim, set me off laughing, look atthe bottom of the whole thing and see the characters of the pics ahahahhahahahah.......fuckign funnie...this Kim..i love it...IT's from last Fridays Birthday of NAtsuko at ROuge then Zouk..Peace ya Fools

Friday, August 04, 2006

OH BUgger....

NO ..not Jack Sparrow....but real BUgs....ARghhh.. went to keep Aurelia company at her place, eat some dinner and snacks, watch a DVD..smoke...THen , when i got there she got out these Madagascan Snacks which she snuck in. BUGS! I was liek Oh't I have some NORMAL snacks, not some homeland delicacy.Sigh. I even helped her prepare it, but what choice did i have? I had to pluck out the wings from these bugs and then we boiled and fried them in salt and pepper. I ate like 3...and then that was enough for me! AURE......SHe ate them in HANDFULs like frickin' Popcorm. thanks....I'll just stick to my Coke. They din taste bad or what, tasted like beans actually.Well they are found on bean stalks, where you shake them off. Of course i was like, you mean their PESTs????..HAhaha YEs thoughts running crazy on where the hell they came from..

Well her exam is Sunday, so tonight I'm Cooking Lontong for Ken and then headin out to the movies to watch CLICK...Well what else can poor Sods like us do. And i spent the horrible amount of $60 at one go yesterday , I bought a fricking Ceramic Hair straightener...argh........Well I had a shoot today for some Spa thing and my hair needed to be straight and I got fed up of trying to blow it straight. It's Super WAvy now...on Bad days. WEll cuz i dont really comb my hair.
Im still waiting for Rachel and Quentin to get back from Tioman cuz I Want my PICTURES. Our pictures...yawn...Haven't Eaten the WHOLE day...
Okay must go and stop the BLoober-Gabble..