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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A world without Sleeping & EAting!

I might just like that world!!!
One because I sleep late anyway (last night 3)
and wake up usually before noon (today was 8am)... Don't you Ever get lazy sometimes eating as well??
I mean sometimes when your uber hungry
but somehow enough you don't feel like eating and unless it is something specific...

Okay random!!

So I have filming for ANOTHER episode of Nokia's Nseries 14days today
So that will be coming to you Shortly after a short break due to Chinese New Year.

Tomorrow will be filming again and Friday its Auditions
and Yes-
Friday Night Football at Jalan Basah Stadium once again,
so be sure to catch a glimpse of me at 7ish!

Was catching up on the US Elections this week &
somehow enough from a strong lead,
Senator Hilary Clinton is now lagging behind in the polls,
as well as losing 11 states straight in a row before the primaries.

Will it be an Obama vs. McCain Elections this year then?

Short living Clinton's dreams of being the 1st Woman president of the USA?

EXCITING stuff!!! Especially amidst scandals of an extramarital affair for McCain !!!!

Other random info- Apparently this has been one of the lowest viewership's
for this years Oscars!

Did anyone Catch it???
I LOVE the Oscars-and the Grammy's and etc....

But I woke up late and was out when the re-cast was shown
I WAS upset but apparently I didn't miss much hey???

I caught 'Fools Gold' yesterday afternoon with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.
A simple airy movie-Nothing special AT all

based around the falling apart marriage of the 2
and how sunken treasure brings them back again!
Only thing good about it was KateHudon in my view-Very fit tone body.

Not my cuppa tea of a movie-more of a DVD buy!

Funny thing is in the middle of the movie
my Best friend Daphne
from Secondary school calls me from Perth
where shes been living for the last 8-9 years and tells me
she's having a Kid!!!

I of course Almost choke on my Ice Tea.
I'm in utter shock because Daffers has never really been one to hold someone down

She was always the free spirit that I Loved......

I can't believe it and she has called to excitedly tell me,

Last time was over Xmas.
Wow-Slowly all my friends are kidding Married or Having kids:S
I honestly thought I'd be married or atleast have kids before her...

I'm still in shock....

Well time for me to get packed and Ready and make a move on,

My Cat is Annoying the hell out of me for his non-stop whinging
and need for entertainment. Long day ahead so have a great day at work every one!!!!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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i like that hair hehee

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