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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tecktonik Mania

As you can see my new video is Yelle 's "a cause des garçons" tepr remix. The dance in the video is Called Tecktonik sweeping Europe at the moment. It's rather hilarious to watch and my sister i France sent me this video last year, though the music is pretty good, though the Original by Yelle is slightly different!

Just some ups on this new trend which I've Actually SEEN hit the shores of Sunny Singapore is a blend of Hip hip and Techno-yes the two most opposite kind of music! The Haters have mixed!!!
Hahaha it really sounds Electro to me - a Mish Mash I gotta say but here's the main website, click on the picture!!!

And Heres a little how to dance Tecktonic Table-
Hahaha notice how the clothes are rather 80's with the solid colours
and old Nike or Reebok high tops, sweaters and tight Jeans-
Something that should stay in the 80's or should it make a Comeback?????

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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