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Thursday, January 29, 2009

24th January SA

For the most part, its been chilling, relaxing and tanning by the beaches and at the house prior to the big wedding day. Its been unbelievably hot and dry every day, but nights are chilly and windy, so you go from wearing next to nothing by the pool, having to stick on a jumper once there is shade, even though in the distance you can see the sun shining down on Capetown.

We had a few adventures getting lost in the shanty towns, which made us shit in our pants every time we stopped at a traffic light and people pointing at the bright Orange burnt coloured H3 hummer we ride in:S hahaha Besides all the talk of how dangerous it is, people have been ever so hospitable and welcoming and I see myself taking a nother 1094874 billion pictures of South africa!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Friday, January 23, 2009

IN South Africa

SO i arrived at 7am , about 5 hours ago, and i took a few pictures already.
It's absolutely stunning here, besides almost getting lost in a Slum/Shanty Town,
which was pretty much ghetto...
The weather is 17-23 degrees but it is BLAZING HOT-UV levels are DANGEROUS!
I was 5 minutes literally in the sun and brown sugar already!

I'm in Constantia, Cape are the handful of phone shots of our ride a H3 HUMMER...also the house and nature!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Capetown to night

Got an hour left before I head off to Capetown, South Africa. Flights at 1.30am and I'll arrive at 7am in the morning!!! Flights about 12hours, more or less like flying back to UK or to Europe. Atleast it's not 25 hours like it was to Brazil.

I only finished packingan hour ago and i got the sniffles from folding clothes-which i absolutely abhor. Anyhow its hard decidin gout of your whole wardrobe what to bring for 2 weeks. Will be back anyhow on 10th february, but i'm pretty sure i'll still be on here writing in S.A.

I looked up the weather and it loks amazing. 17-25 degrees, but apparently tanning is instant and the UV rays are DANGEROUS.. Aight well, i'll load some pictures when i can soon enough.
Peace out..and heres a lil's picture G sent me while driving, hilariously adorable!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here a few event catch ups with my fellow artists! First one was Mac last year ,
the charity event just prior to x'mas held at MAC @ Tangs
and 2 days ago was the Sephora event held at Takashimaya for the new store opening!
May, me, Jaymee, Choy & Jeneen and Directors

Jeneen, Choy, me and Jaymee

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How employers Kill their Maids!!!

It's a wonder why maids drop from the skies like flys...
atleast 20 stories up, i was doing laps on the pool
while keeping my eye on the maid, on a ladder cleaning windows...
Another Newpaper moment waiting to be sent in , if and WHEN it happens.

CAN you SPOT her???????

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Monday, January 19, 2009


Pictures for the sister!!! Check out china town!!!!!!!!
check out the Burger at botak Jones, my 1st one ever at the youth Park!

Awesome Dragons above the shops just infront of the chinatown MRT...

spot the Pagoda street sign covered by all the CNy accessories!

Lup cheong store!!!!

Cool looking old boy with sports sunglasses on outside of OG coffeeshop!

sipping at my chinatown Teh!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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France says Salut!!!!!

Skyping with my sister who lives in Toulouse France, in her new apartment!

Psycho Eyes...

Bored of the Peace and cutie Sign ahahaah

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

shoe sin

I'm hardly one to spend much on shoes,
but I really needed a specific colour for the dress i'm wearing at the wedding
in South Africa and I choose Orange to wear,
and if you look around any store,
Orange is a DIFFICULT colour to get in very high heels!!!

I had my eye on this pair for the last month and half ,
since just before X'mas by Marciano, who you usually see designs for Guess!
But well, it was worth the investment I'm sure....
Too be honest my dress is still atthe tailors and I have yet to put
2 & 2 together!!!!
Soon , because I leave on the 23rd, 9 days away!!!!
Packing is a nightmare!
I wanna bring EVERYthing!!!!Friends included!!!!
Here they are anyway, just envision !!!

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Shopaholic Movie opens in February!!!!!

Oh I cannot wait for this movie to hit the screens.
I LOVE my court-case wordy books, but on the flip side of books,
I have to maintain that these are
one of the most hilarious series of books!
The main character, Rebecca is terrible at keeping her accounts and
she gets in all sorts of red letter trouble and buys items 2 for 1 ,
or with free gifts attached when she doesn't need them.
She composes even funnier letters to her banks and
other financial institutions she owes dosh to...
Light weight reading matters that will make you laugh out loud
and more than likely make you smack your own head.

I'm sure we can all relate more than a little here and there with similiar mistakes..
AND now they have a MOVIE!!!! I cannot Wait!!!
I'm re-reading my books from 3 years ago and then passing it to my friend
who I've talked so much to about this book!!!!
I see a girlfriend day out to the movies in the near future!!!

-These are the 5 books in order of release (!!!
Oh author is Sophie Kinsella from UK but her real name is Madeleine Wickham!!!!!Go get them you won't regret!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Random random pictures

These truly are randoms from the last 2 weeks or so, places i've gone and visited!!!

Views of the Casino in Progress from new restaurant One on the Bund...
which by the way, has great OVerpriced food , but the worst service in restaurant
history. go look at reviews...Yikes!

My only picure of NY this year and worth having of Clarke Quay

At alessias!

Adobed Pictures of me, jojo and ALi!

some dead minor on walkway in Emerald Hill

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Bird Park Loving

Besides the fact I have lived here 14 years, I can't remember ever once having visited the Bird Park. I think this trip was very much inspired by a trip taken by one my best friends the other day and it has been sitting at the back of my mind to go visit.

Lo and behold, Sunday afternoon after waking up, I got dressed and we headed off directly to Jurong, where I pranced and squealed like a little girl at certain birds, and not forgetting I polished off a Bongo Burger..yum yum!!!
Enjoy some of my favourites!!!

Claire-Louise jedrek

Bright Parakeets(?)

Royal Pigeon birds about 2 foot in height!!!

Singapore Hawk

Grumpy Ostrich!

hilarious Ostrich

Lazy Pelican Pond

Crazy Hair do!

weird Jungle insect!

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