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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to the Capital of Reliability

IT's True- Singapore Makes you weak!!!
I'm spoilt by the fact that buses are fast and frequent, train lines run EVERY day regardless of X'mas or not, and Cabs are too cheap to refuse flagging down...London on the other hand is the TOTAL opposite!
And though I LOVE coming back to the cold and dressing up and layering etc.. I hate putting socks on all the time! I also can't stand the random snivelly moments and you have to ask someone "Ya got any tissue on you?"... Oh sweet Bitter coldness is good once a year !

So I leave back to Singapore tonight and head to Heathrow rather early, along with My sister who will be flying back to Toulouse as well. YEs I will miss her an awful lot and once again back to square one of leading our own lives- mine in claustrophobic, nosey, prying Singapore and Rachel back to ' I don't read newspapers, watch TV or use the Internet or know whats going on in the World', France. The latter sounding fantastically appealing to me!

Last night I went out to Lilian's house and my sister joined me not too long after. We sat, talked, had hysterical laughs over memories and watching old videos video recorded by her Dad during her b'day party back in 1991-16years ago- ARghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
What was weird was hearing our VERY British accents from when we were kids, now my accent is a MishMash of diffferent sounds , exactly what i'd say represents singapore- a Mish Mash of People, Races and what not! I had Dejavu moments when i was offered a Rabbit sweet and when ME, Rachel, Lillian and Eileen(Lilians Sis) took a photo by the couch. YEars earlier we took an exact one in our pajamas at the exact same place! I remember myself to be tubby , red in the cheeks and looking somewhat like an Eskimo!

We had a lovely dinner before me and Rachie made our way back to our Grandad's around midnight... I'm so glad i managed to find Lilian on Facebook and rekindle our longlost freindship after 13 years after moving away from UK. It really feels like we never missed a day out in each others lives.Amazing I'd say!

Oh ... time for RANDOM MOMENT of THE DAY:
My sister Opens up the DAILY EXPRESS , AND on a fashion page, there is this HUGE picture of ME plonk on the middle page spread!!! HOW Weird is that?!?!?!??! I come to UK and find a picture ofmyself in the newspaper the day I leave. My family was in hysterics and were a bit freaked out...hmm gotta go check up on that one and how itgot there?!?! a Stock photoshoot picture? hmmmm..
So I've got a killer back ache so i wil load more pics of the trip when i'm back tomorrow and load my pictures from JANUARY issue of Arena Magazine..I love them ...!!!

Later Fools
Claire-Louise Jedrek

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dressed like Heidi and cold like London!

X'mas has come and gone like most days. Mum cooked a lovely Christmas Lunch and sadly enough I had a bangin' headache all Day, so i didn't have too much of the festive drinking one usually has!Perhaps for the better, I need a detox before hitting the Island again!

Went out around 2ish to go see my Nan's grave and it was drizzling, wet and cold and had some problems with the Damn Taxi services- typical and unreliable. Ridiculous prices too! We went practically down the road , less then 5minutes because my Grandad is about 90 and it cost £12 ($36), thatcould getyou to the airport and back again in singapore, but I really should stop comparing. When you live in Asia , everything is comparatively cheap!

Today I shall venture out and head over to Kenley , Surrey where i used to live before moving to Singapore. I'm headin over to Lilian's house as she mentioned he rDad would like to see me and I wouldn't mind going to see her parents and Sister! Ofcourse I can't wait to see her and maybe hit town later to night...

RAndom Moment- I have this weird habit of smelling my hands now, haahahah, well due to this cream i've been using to moisturise and it smells of Custard-its AMAzinG!!!!! I feel like I could lick it off my hands or just empty the whole bottle in to my mouth- YUM!!!

Well anywhohah, rest of Ma Famille is headin out to Croydon, Massive Boxing Day Discounts have started so they will be stuck in the crowds- I seem to become alot more claustrophobic nowadays and i actually sseem to go on to Panic mode whereby I need to escape out of the crowds-bah don't want to think about it...

Well will load some odd pics of my time in Scotland ...Much Love and can't wait strangley enough to getback to Singapore tomorrow!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

ONLY If You ask-i'll tell you

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Whats Grey & COld?!?

No Surprises there!!!
So after meaning to leave 5.15pm on Sunday, the fog in Heathrow (no surprises 2 years running) swam over London in general and swamped the city for 2 days, causing all flights in and out of the country to come to a standstill , leaving people stranded left, right, up and down. Seems each year I come back someting happens, if it ain't the Fog in London it's the damn strikes that get me stuck here!!!

As for me, my flight was cancelled after sitting alone in Aberdeen Airport for 3 hours after saying my goodbyes to Guy and ended up with me finally calling back saying can you come pick me up AGAIN! After 1 hour and a half in queue for a new flight out the next morning I was driving back to where I had come from 4 hours before. Well, no harm done as I had another night cuddling up in the bitter cold and finally at 9.40am i was on the flight to Cold ,wet and now clear from fog London.

£50 poorer upon reaching my grandads in South London, but a huge smile etched on my face-well worth the hassle and fuss, though I wouldn't have minded been stuck in Aberdeen for X'mas no doubt. Soon as i arrive though , my Mum drags me out to Croydon for last minute shopping, but what can i say- I pick up 2 pairs of Aldo heels, accessories, new dresses and a much needed Starbucks Coffee and thats my X'mas prezzie from my parents sorted! Yes it was horribly crowded and I'm not thinking entirely in proper sentences so sorry if it all seems abrupt typing wise! FLying makes you tired and and mildly retarded and dyslexic!

My Sister arrived 3 hours ago from Toulouse, South France and Boy was it weird to have the family in one place for 5 minutes! I haven't seen her for 6 months and we caught up nattering endlessly. Being excited really drains you!

Tomorrows X'mas and mums started cooking for Grandad and my uncle and us, well be a good x'mas though, was 4 years or so since we were all back in London as a fmaily and that was during one of the hottest summers in UK!

Talking about Starbucks, I really do think now its some sort of psychological thing about drinking out of a Starbucks cup or takeaway cup! I think i need to carry around paper Starbucks cups and pour ANY old type of Coffee in it just to satisfy my hunger for something from Starbucks-Sad Me..I am addicted and somehow enough I don't blame it on me!

Anyhows, I will end soon, can't wait to wake and hear MacGrumps voice and then having X'mas lunch and openign prezzies and watching the others open their prezzies. Boxing Day i'm meeting Lilian!!! Remember her? She's my Primary school mate from Kenley Surrey who I grew up with for a few years before I moved to Singapore. I found her on Facebook and we met up after 10 years in singapore and hit it off like we never missed a day out of each others lives and then we skipped and pranced around the beaches of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Frankly I'm quite tired of flying, though this was what I took my year to do: Travel. Weirdly enough I can't wait to go home to my safe sanctuary called Singapore and curl up in the heat though I was thoroughly and very easily entertained starting up fires in MacGrumps room by the fireplace. I Love and really miss good old fires by the fireplace....

Well have to make the most of the next 3 days till my sister (Rachel) and I run off to Heathrow Airport Again and shes flys back to her Froggie Quentin and I meet up with the 'Mac' Crew back to Singapore...
To one and all....
Once again A very Merry Christmas....
Lots of Love
Claire-Louise Jedrek

ps:I can't believe i'm flying back to Work!!!
well, to those who aren't in the know, i'm making an appearence in Courts, Tampines 29th and 30th of December, see you there!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random Holiday of the YEar Award 2007 goes to......

Aberdeen SCOTLAND!!!!
Yes so after a 13 hour flight, drop off at Heathrow and transfer over to another 1 hour flight, i've found my self most randomly (well, almost)in Scotland, have I been here before? No... but atleast i'm not travelling alone...
I have ofcourse a bunch ofa zillion photos of the last 2 heavy weekends before leaving to UK, but as my usual self i've managed to find no time putting them up, though I have effectively not done much, other then pack my suitcase like a Red Cross rescue specialist with clothes and other random items for my sister who will meet me in London when i fly back down South on the 23rd this Sunday.
It isn't as cold as I had assumed and i even managed to catch some amazing sunlight which over the rolls of hills and winding roads, hay bails, sheep, more sheep and the trawling tractors, its seems to blind everything out. still is cold as hell somewhere between 0-5 degrees, so i'm still getting the red fingers and I really don't feel like getting out of bed and prefer to just cuddle all day with the TV, biscuits and a cuppa tea!!!
I can't wait to see my sister on the other hand, its been since July i last saw her as she skipped, hopped and bounced over to the land of Baguettes, into the arms of her Froggie aka Baguette Boy aka Quentin, haha~! Damn i miss that no-nonsense Frenchie, inwhich he will be pleased to know we brought over packet noodles, curry, spices and anything flavoured Singapore!
So I'll load pictures when i get back on the 27th of December as i will come home to an empty house as my parents are staying on in UK till the 6th and i will be celebrating NY in Singapore with my Grouch and friends....
Everyone have a Very Merry Christmas
Happy New YEar...
Claire-Louise Jedrek

Monday, December 10, 2007

I skipped... I hopped, tripped and Bopped!

SOoooooooo, i haven't written here for really only 10 days, but it seems longer because I've been up to quite a few things: events, launches and yes the weekend recovery after 2 days of festives! More of the case of festive partying in the lead up to Xmas.

It really seems everyone I know is out of the country for Xmas. Well once again, this year I'll be back in wet, cold and dull Grey, dark Grey and black UK... But i always love the cold every now and again, except this time its ONLY for 10 days and not 2 months of perpetual shivering, wondering around UK and France like the end of last year and beginning of this year, not knowing where the hell I'm going andwandering from town to town.

Okay so starting off with what i been up to, get ready for LOADS of visuals...what can i say, i don't write anything much here for reasons once posted and if your REALLY that bored you can back track through 600 odd posts.

November 30th-Yolk's Hardboiled Magazine launch.
Was invited by Miss Kimberley Olsen to her company's launch of a new online interactive magazine, dealing with social issues of course in tie with being an online marketing medium !Very interestingly done though!

Kim, Ain, Aishah, and the Other Ain

December 1st -Children's Charity Walk@Taka
After being picked up a little more tinsel-toed then before, the very next morning I somehow make it wide and awake to a charity walk@7am under the Deal or No Deal and for the children. We did a walk from Takashimaya to Tanglin and back again holding the hands of some children with special needs. Other artistes included Enlai, cast of The Noose, Jade Seah and Joakim Gomez from Singapore idol!

S'pore Idol Joakim Gomez and other S'pore TV Celebs

Ch5 Cares Christmas tree Project
Which reminds me I'm also filming a short clip with Max Loong on a Christmas Tree that we are both designing with the help and knowledge of a designer from Phunk Studios. This tree we will conceptualise and then get the children involved and then we will donate to the charity or if we are lucky donated to a company who will buy it! These children once again have special needs and the tree goes to good cause, especially when we are trying to come up with a tree that is visually interactive, if that makes sense !

FCUK show@Zouk & 14days episode filming!
That same day after the walk , at 1pm i had to head down to Zouk and film another episode of 14days and this time the behind the scenes of a fashion show with a little help from Paul foster a model from the show but also a friend! I was relaly really tired by midnight when the show finished and i made it home by 1am! , Great thing is i had one drink-Good on me!

Paul in rehearsals and band perfor
mance during the Show

Aimee(No.4), Martin Kong from Caracal


Aimee-Jane and Paul foster

Sunday 2nd Dec-Standard Chartered marathon
So a friend rich was taking part in the Standard Chartered marathon and he made it back after 6hours plus and we were there to see him at the last 150m homecoming stretch. I have to say, it must be an immense , emotional experience to have finished that marathon and to see all your friends and family as you run in must give you such an accomplished sense of being! Well something on my to-do list for the last few years and knowing me I will end up doing one sooner if not later!
It was blazing hot and we got a little burnt,. It was somewhat eerie to see all the roads cordoned off and it felt a little bit like the movie 28 days!!!


The rest of evening was spent swimming on Sentosa and sitting by the water out the front yakking!

Random moments and the much needed Weekday supplements of
Starbucks and laptops and spare moments !

I Always knew Men were Useful somehow!

Him and his Franckie...
All you need to survive a Day at home!

And miss Alessia(N0.7) pillioning me on her Ducati monster...
amazing for once I'm not riding my self around!!!

The End...
Claire-Louise Jedrek