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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wicked weekend & Halloweenies!

It's almost midweek surprise surprise and i'm still trying to pack the weekend away and move on to the next. Been a crazy week back from Brazil....but dont forget my flight was 23 hours there and back and 4 hours transits in Dubai, i have severe JEtlag. I slept at 10am other day!!!

Moment I touched down a airport at 3pm by 5 pm i was in a casting for Courts and the next day Thursday I was down in studio shooting for it, so look out for me in tie with Deal or No DEal as they are our main sponsors. Right after the shoot I rushed to Butter Factory and had rehearsals for their lil Freak Show Fashionistas on Saturday for Halloween.

So Friday I had dinner with Tara, Richard, the Macgregor boys and Nicci at One Fullerton. We walked to Clarke Quay 'Le Noir' and then hit Attica with the crew cuz Gordy's belated birthday celebrations but really a good excuse to get smashed , haha.

Saturday well I spent my time at Butter 6pm onwards doing my hair and make up, I gott Say Ritz had really Fantastic creations and a real Trippy imagination, Bobby was greta with a all the hair. It wasa brilliant night , so much fun and Banter, got to know some awesome new people too who were volunteering as well.

My make up was briiliantly done and creative and my outfit WAS perfect, ahah 'Roll Fashionista' very bright and funky!!!Right after the event i made a dash to Attica to meet with Fridays Crew and w went kinda mental till 6 am where we went to Living room and left at day break at 7am!!! Thank god for the Yummy pizza slices!

Butter Factory MAdness-SO colourful!
Attica's Naughty or Nice Party!!!

Mario and Dee!
Me and Dee making fun of Guy
God damn grumps!
Group shot outside Attica at 6am
On the way to Living Room

I really hate that feeling when day is up and YOUR STILL in TOwn, bah . We sat on Marriott steps while waiting for a cab...ahahah well llucky for us it was fast and Cynthia this Indonesian Actress was insane she wanted us to go back for an after party at her suite!!! ahah she was hilarious!

Monday had Dins with the same crew at Senso thanks to G, food was awesome, I had Veal Ravioli and prior to that i had beef slices with Parmesan slices. this was on Club street so after that was drinks, an apple martini down in indochine down the road and Pool, double teamed, me and Guy and Gordy and Richard and on one of our tries, guy is about to shoot and he goes OW! and accidentally moves white he then proceeds to move white ball and black ball. AHAHah was insane laughter that hurt our jaws and stomachs..INTENSE, was great! Well was Nicci's bday and she was leaving back to Sth africa for while!

I forsee a heavy weekend coming up again , parties all over again!
ErialC aka Geez Louise

Monday, October 29, 2007

The lowdown on SaoPaulo

Okay SO i get back and lots of drama with 2 ex Bf's and the word on the scene that APPARENTLY I have a SON! anyone one could come up with that?? hmm, beats me, but well all Ican say is Try harder if not just Give up! So ridiculous , makes me wonder WHO would start that?

First of all, i hope they said that his father was hot, tall and tanned. Oh I also hope they said my wedding was set in Monaco and they were jealous because it was the best wedding ever!Oh not to mention my baby was gorgeous and they'd kill to be me!

Okay well back to Brazil:
1) Sao Paulo is Dirty, probably dangerous, and traffic is a 3-hour killer to ANYWHERE!
2) Great restaurants, Fantastic Food, & friendlist bunch of people despite the constant reminder of police on the roads
3) DOn't stick you hand out of a moving window, motorcylists steal cameras and phones & Don't leave windows down at traffic light, people stick guns in& rob you (as we were told by brazilians) 4)People in Brazil were born to samba/Salsa or whatever , and no matter what they look like!!!!
5) Hilton hotel was FANtaSTIC and the STAR drivers were there like Hamilton and ALonso who we saw handful of times walking around!
6)Redbull team are party animals and they REALLY looked after us 100% and treated us like stars with the best food, clubs, limos, spas etc. They spent a bomb on us it ain't FUNNY.
7) There was Freeflow Champagne on TAP all day , everyday!!!Thankyou!THere is a GOD!
8)The girls from each La Formula Una contest, 16 other countries, were amazing, gorgeous and I 'll miss their breath of fresh air. My room mate Ege from Turkey was the best i could have asked for, i'm gonna go try visit her in Italy next year with Sabrina from Switzerland!

Over all this has been the most AMAZING experience this year so far, and I could not have felt more blessed then to be given an opportunity to lead the 1 week high life on their behalf. Much thanks to CAt from Redbull international who organised and put up with us all.
Just to let you know what La Formula Una is all about, no we were not "Race Queens" as some thought, don't go there,heres an idea of what it's about,

"Formula 1 has definitely evolved over the years, but one element which had slipped off the paddock radar is back thanks to Red Bull. Formula Unas! Glamour, beauty and intelligence in the shape of 10 extraordinary ladies invited by Red Bull to every F1 Grand Prix race.
Then at every race, one Formula Una is singled out by a top secret jury to emerge as the Una of the weekend. This is no ethereal honour as it comes with the very tangible prize of a trip to the last GP of the season, where the winning girls from every country get a chance to meet each other.
All expenses paid, they will fly to Brazil, and over the course of the race weekend, will have unrestricted access to the entire paddock and the Red Bull Racing team areas, including the pit garage.They will get to meet key personnel from the team and best of all, the drivers, . The Unas have a busy schedule, and soaking up the atmosphere throughout the weekend, meeting the media, taking part in photo shoots and attending the very high profile parties, always an important element in F1!" (
Okay so i will post some pictures up of my Brazil trip , unfortuntaly not all, just the best ones yeah ??? Don't worry all the women were gorgeous and eye candy....heres to my trip....

the end!!!
ErialC aka Geez Louise