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Friday, November 30, 2007

Boys, Sex and the City and ... Milo?

This Insert was taken from the Mediacorp website, from our press conference, for the full interview go to :

November 16, 2007, 9:29am

Poised and prim on the Deal Or No Deal set, the briefcase girls are all giggles and high voices off-set, especially when we get them chatting about their favourite topics: boys, TV shows and food (yes, models do eat!).

Text: Juliana June Rasul
Photos, Videos and Video Editing: Bernice Hoh

Don't let all that demure smiling on Deal Or No Deal fool you into thinking that the briefcase girls are quiet.

Not by a long shot.

When we caught up with the 26 lovely ladies from the second season of the show, we pretty much just asked questions and then sat back and let them giggle, bicker and run the show. Since they were in a chatty mood, we decided to take the opportunity to get to know a bit about how things really work on the show.

Talk is (not) overrated
One of the things the girls get really excited about is getting their 15 seconds of fame when host Adrian Pang asks them a question.

Although No. 11 girl Claire said they prepare beforehand, sometimes, they do get flustered. Said No. 4 girl Aimee: "Your heart drops! It's really bad if you're the first one to speak, because you go 'Hah?' and sometimes you even forget the contestant's name!"

How do they get gorgeous?
No, this is not the place to find out whether or not the girls look like gargoyles before getting in the make-up chair.

As the girls determinedly told us, the (admittedly heavy) make-up they wear for the show, photoshoots and interviews merely "enhances" their features. "I mean, the producers know what we look like, and they picked us for a reason!" said No. 18 babe Lutfiah.

Sexy girls watch sexy shows
The girls like to tell us that "it's not such an easy job" posing pretty and toting a briefcase. So we asked them - what exactly happens when you shoot an episode?

"We eat - a lot," said No. 2 hottie Gayle. "We love Milo."

It's raining men!
Claire thinks the hunks are sizzling
Aside from eating and tube-watching, the girls have another favourite pastime - and it's not surprising that it revolves around the opposite sex.

Listening to them talk about the hunks who will be featured in two special epsiodes on this season (pictures of which will come soon on the official website) was like sitting in on a very rowdy game of bingo.


The girls were yelling numbers all over the place, when asked to choose their top hunks. Although we won't reveal too much at this stage, we will say that Hunk No. 2 has a sexy British accent and Hunk No. 10 is has some really great modelling genes. No. 3 was also mentioned quite a few times, but the girls won't put their hands on him since - gossip alert! - he already seems to be pretty close to one of the girls in the first row.

Unfortunately for the babes, they didn't get to spend too much time with the boys. Although they sat in the audience for the two-episode hunk specials, No. 13 Farhana said she was warned not to go near them.

Someone piped up: "Maybe it's because you're scary?"

After a pause, Farhana said, "Yeah hor?"

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Like the Naked Leads the Blind

In all of Love that is lost and found, this year has been somewhat of a spectrum colour wheel for me from Blacks, to Grey's to Blue's, Pinks, Purples and Yellows...You name it I've been that colour or immersed in that colour! Was listening to some Good ol' Placebo and one paragraph struck me more then others... I wouldn't read too much into it, but it is well written for sure!
"Like the naked leads the blind.
I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind.
Sucker love I always find,
Someone to bruise and lea
ve behind."

Left me up to all hours last night and talking to bygones, reminiscing over a year gone by a lot faster then I choose and perhaps maybe all for the better! Looking upon my pictures of My mini Eurotrip back to UK, France and Spain, I had some really great times with those around me and incredible memories and even more far-fetched stories that did happen. I know I can't ever recreate those memories and neither would I want to but I do hope this coming year after this one has come to a funneled end, new ones will be made and just as reminisced as those created last Xmas and New years....

Yes, I'm a Sentimental fool people, I not only hoard memories, I hoard memorabilia from those times and in general I hoard rubbish. I hate throwing things away...

Okay enough of the Dull Gray Section above...
What have i been up to NOW??? you ask...and what Will i be getting up to?

1) Last Saturday I VERY unfortunately missed a reunion with Ex-Temasek Poly mates because it clashed with a ball i went to. The Surrealist Ball held by the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) at the Fullerton Hotel. It was a Black Tie event, so dressed to the nines-well almost - bow ties and dresses...But with a slight Twist of surreal art embedded who ever which way you wanted to . This saw Singapore's society women with Barbie dolls sticking out their hair etc...outrageous dress/suit modifications . Our group of 6 went dressed up and decided the easiest thing would be to attach wings. I must say we all did looked really handsome!!! hehehe

The society people are a little bit eye-brow raising with their late night, drunken antics-best left untold these secrets, but as the Youth of today, we were FAR more Sober!You will see our pictures below!

2) I had a Photo shoot with Arena Magazine and it was done so tastefully (i sound like i wanna munch down in a fat juicy cheese burger), i can't wait for the January issue to come out, it will be available mid December, so be sure to look out for that. What i can say it was about form and texture and colour- a 3 page spread with an interview!!!

3) 1st December i will be taking part in a 1mile charity walk for children with a few other DOND girls AND at Zouk I will be filming a show for DKNY in tune with the Nokia Nseries: 14 days!!!!

4) I might be down at the 8 days roadshow on the 2nd December, so if i do go, there might be a session and for you to bring the things I promised signing:)

5) Just received a call today to help decorate with another artiste and designer a tree for CHARITY on behalf of Mediacorp, in which it will be filmed and then later donated. I really hope my dates don't clash because I think it'll be great fun with the kids helping us! Crossing fingers!

Can't remember off the top of my head anything else but i will Keep you Updated..

Don't Forget- Deal or no deal- 8.30pm Channel 5!!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Wine, Dine & FIne Women!

Just to get this Nokia Nseries on the way, I'm hosting a mini podcast series.Checkout & Click the Link below or on the Side bar!!!
Nokia Nseries 14 Days
Well this week has been one of
Events, Women, Drinks and Concerts...
Tuesday hit the Linkin' Park concert in the Indoor Stadium and it was AMAZING! Chester is a bloody wicked singer and he maintained his singing throughout the whole concert which I was Skeptical about.
Verdict of Proven Wrong!
I have also never seen the Indoor stadium so completely jammed like a donut before. It was like the whole of Singapore turned up for this concert and there were certainly some odd looking characters and a variety of Demographics! Well i guess they really do appeal to AnyWhoHah...
After the concert we were in a head rush and the G's & Co. and Me all head to some random Katong Pub, to drink some, Play pool and Stuff our faces with the oiliest chicken parts, deep fried and served, but Hella Good.
So much so of a head rush, none of us Even closed any of the windows in the car and when we got back , we were in quite of bit of a shock, Thank God Nothing was taken. What fools!

Wednesday was meant to be an Easy breezy night! Hah, well talk about mishaps and unfortunate events. The DOND girls had a press conference with the media and a few of us went to go Eat at Tanglin club and catch up and dine on some simple food and what not, was great to be out with the Girls talking chatting and gossiping. Some sense of freedom there!
Later on in the night went to Casa Z for dinner and then down to Attica for some "QUIET" Drinks.
Then the Jaeger bombs appeared, Champs and the Belvedere was found and the rest was history, especially with some Drama with Exes and what not appearing and bouncers and mini spats-heh-whats life without some drama huh? Ended up sleeping in after getting back at 4.30am, looking at some property with the G's, aimlessly walking around Vivo being distracted every now and again by random shops and items and finally eating!

Last Night was more of a simple affair at Le Noir, with a mini gathering of Guy and Girls Models from DOND and other areas and having a chat and drink. Some later carried on off to MOS which I haven't been in Yonks and Me and Last seasons No 3 Natalie Foster having a quiet chat and food at the Satay Club. She was by the way runner up for The New Face this year and will be in 50 Most gorgeous People which is coming up soon , so please do support her!!!!
Here's the Link: and she's F16!!!!!

Tonight I'm hitting the Veuve Cliquot party down at Red Dot Museum, so quality champs on free flow!!! So you know I love my champs baby!!! and Andrea will be hosting the event so I'll have New DOND No:7 Alessia with me!!!

Okay well i shall leave your eyes to rest and post other pictures where you won't have to strain to hard!!!!


Lunch with The Ladies

Le Noir - Models Sunglasses party

Monday, November 12, 2007

New pictures from the DEal or No Deal webbie

As strange as it sounds my picture is now downloadable off the website
I have links on my sidebar just click on the Icons and they will bring you right there!!!

And this is part of the New COURTS advertisements
you can see on their website and in the newspaper's in conjunction with
Deal or No Deal Season 2!!!

starts back
21st November, 8.30pm on Channel 5!!!!

www.movies-flights.dvds/ lunches

Yeah so been coming home and being completely knackered and zonking out!
Not much this weekend except the usual rushing in my life of Trying to book tickets, schedule for work Etc.I've been thrown upon the opportunity to fly back to London to go see my hard-cracking, stubborn old Grandad. I heard this year is gonna be HELLA cold as in comparison to when i went last year where the snow was late, it was relatively warm for most people (not me though).

SOoooooo from now to then I'm pretty tight in schedule with work, events, filming, shoots Etc. The Good, The Bad and The Fugly...I suddenly have a onslaught of things to do. I've always said this and I'll say it again, God forsake me, why is it when I'm Idle I'm INCREDIBLY idle, when I'm Busy, it happens in one Big Blob!

Apart from all the Courts(I'm the new court's girl for the Xmas season:) hahah have a good laugh , i will post some pictures) promotions and appearances, i have a shoot for Arena, and other minor projects and more filming for 14 Days the Nokia N series, in which I'll be doing something up in KL for 3 days just before i Leave for London....ahh yes

OFF to NEXT: I'm going to LONDON!!! hmm really short notice, getting tickets is an insane TASK, EVERYWHERE and Everything is booked, you'd think 1 seat would be available somewhere. I'm paying through my ass for a transit ticket in Frankfurt!

This years Xmas better be as good as I hope it would be, I might make a flight up to Aberdeen to visit some friends in Aberdeen from Singapore and I'm trying to go see my sister in France, but i foresee little possibility of any of this as the dates draw nearer. Hhmm, another holiday you may ask??? but this is with purpose not another escapade to some foreign fantasy like Brasil, but wait F1 is a purpose, my bad!

Movie of the Week:
Hmm I'm trying to keep this updated as much as i Can but I've been Out and about- managed to catch The Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld, it was not too bad, sarcasm and what not at it's best without trying to be to Crude for the kid's, what has REALLY distracted me and I never thought about it, is


People I am telling you WATCH Boston Legal, i didn't think it would be any where near Good, James Spader is my God- think The secretary , BUT he's way Weirder in this with his womanising and Fetishes. I LOVE him -an Absolute Declaration!

Besides that home made lunches made on the spot with the Crew, Boston Legal , a dig at Risk that didn't happen....

Non-recommendations: Pete's Place, downstairs Hyatt, crap service, food and Presentation for those kind of prices....hmmm, and waiting time ridiculous! Don't bother going!

Video of the Week:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We Can't Get Enough of Halloween!

We certainly can't get enough of Halloween!!! SAturday was a Harajuku themed Party over at Tara and Rich's which went down well and was pretty much a hilarious time with the costume section!

For one, I think I kind of stuck to the Harajuku Messy Look, with layers and accessories and Tara as well, with her awesome authentic Japanese Outfit.....But the Boys....well, ahahah it leaves little to the imagination because they certainly were Most Random. The Day before I was at the costume shop with them and they sepnt more time messing around laughing so in the end they grabbed the most random costumes and walked out with 2 big bags.Probably the best way to do things!

Went early to Tara's and set up the place for the guests and was REally amazed how $700 was in 5 , unfilled plastic shopping bags! So place was decorated with lanterns and glitter and snacks!!! When the time came we had a bunch of fun getting ready and then I tried with guys help to to Gordy's hair in spikes, but we got 1 and figured it aint helping with amount of hairspray and Gel we used. With Rich's it was just a tonne of hairspray and lots of back combing as you'll see in the pictures later!

Lot's of alcohol, dip and people later, I had some really intense and random conversations with an assortment of people much like the bowl of jelly beans they bought! Was interesting and ofcourse as the night wore on,it became slightly more vague and giggly!
So'll leave you to the Pics:

the END
ErialC aka Claire-Louise