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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Exclusively Sick

Sacre Soeur where
"Le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain" was shot.

So , I seem to be the only one in the pair that came down with a horrible fever 2 nights ago for no absolute reason, i woke up with it and it got continuously worse throuout the day, I felt fine yesterday and it struck again yesterday night.Some what a string of unluck well 2 in a row.
Chilling in my hotel room with Pierre and Bruno
The first one being after I had written my last post, telling you guys that i was about to leave in 2 hours.When we reached Gare Du Nord, we realised we had mis-read the Train Tickets back to Uk which had cost us 120Euro in total (S$240).The train left while i was writing the blog. Great huh, what we saw as leaving at 1.30pm was in fact the time we arrive in Waterloo, England> We then had to buy the only tickets available at 240Euros (S$480)> F!@K....

OhWeLL, whats done is done, a better time it was yesterday after i met an old classmate (William O' Brian)after roughly 14 years or so. I was meant to meet him and his brother Richard, his twin, but was just Wills alone, so that was kinda weird but we got along fine, had a drink and food in Purley and then went to visit my old Primary School in Kenley, what good memories we shared. He certainly changed and i couldn't recognise him at all.

Anyway, today i took a good rest, cuz i cant seem to eat much and i feel somewhat weak. Did some extra shopping, which always seems to make me feel better, hope they will like their presents.
Okay here are some other Pictures .
William O'Brian