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Sunday, May 25, 2008

F1 Monaco and all those mens Mags!

2 weeks later and its the Formula One in holiday haven Monaco.
It's a road track and its said to be PERHAPS a wet track today.
David Coulthard wrote his car off on qualifying and its the usual Pole line up of
Massa, Raikkonen and Hamilton. Watching Monaco will be looking at
a preview of Singapore's F1 in September!

Talking about the F1, I opened up Newman Magazine and I think I forgot
that I did an interview on The La Formula Una for them.
But anyway it shows this years La Formula Una but also quite a few pictures
of me and the girls from the La Formula Una in Brazil!
The pictures do look like ALOT of fun, so be sure to grab a copy for a read up!
Also spotted was me and a friend in Playeur Magazine at their launch.
I have yet to see it because it was all wrapped up and I'm not sure if i'll buy it.

Question for you guys....
What do you think of STUFF magazine covers?
Do the pictures seem alot more provocative and raunchy then FHM?
For example, this months is a girl in Black leather with chains....
Does that really entice you to want to pick up the magazine?????
Any comments feel free to post it,
I'd REALLY like to know some feedback!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Anonymous bishan-kiddo said...

Well, am not particularly a reader of men's mags. My last two mags i bought were Newman magazines cos i knew the girls on the cover.

Anyway, as d points out. It is the content that matters. And usually, sex sells. And to be blatantly honest, what intrigue a man to pick up that magazine and then buys it is the sexy images that capture their attention at first glance.

Haven't really flip through Stuff mag though but it seems that a girl wearing latex black leather with chains seems enticing enough to capture an ordinary male buyer from picking it up.

The rest is up to the content in it; Before he makes a decision to spend it.

So...a scenario say at Borders Bookstore on the mag shelves section. What a typical male reader/buyer would first do:

1) Man browsing the shelf.
2) Man gain attention of a mag cover (a sexy lass wearing black leather with chain) from the shelf.
3) Man finds it interesting. Picks it up
4) Man read content.
*5) He then decides whether to spend or give a quick-browse before putting the mag back on the shelf to rot.

10:35 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

hmmokay true enough...but say your gf was asked to model for stuff, what are your first thoughts on what people might think of her?

11:07 am  
Anonymous b-kiddo said...

oof, i can write an essay bout this. Believe me....

well, for me, I will encourage her to do it. And honestly, i don't really care what ppl would think.

As long as she is comfortable with it and not feelin obligated to do it then i guess it is ok.

If my gf's occupation is a model, the above is clearly understandable. It's about being professional.

If she isn't a model, the above is what i feel. She has to be comfortable and not feel obligated to do the shoot.

12:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where do you draw the line at being 'professional'? Let's say if your gf is a Japanese porn actress, and she's screwing three men at the same time without a condom. She tells you that she's being 'professional' and it's 'just a job'. What gives? know what I mean?

10:50 pm  

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