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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blind is the Way to go!!!

I've actually thought about Lasik surgery because I should honestly be walking around with black shades and a white cane, but HAVE YOU seen the PICTURES. Looks terrifyingly traumatic!!!!
they basically clamp your eye open!
I think I might skip it in future!!

Hhaah ANyway , tomorrow, I'll be hitting POWER YOGA, haha that explains it all! But this time I got a bone to pick with parking at Takashimaya!!!!
It cost me $10 for 2hours parking and thats for a MOTORBIKE-
Hell No , I ain't parking there tomorrow!

In mean time take a look at a good friend from childhood, called Lilian Kolster.
She does amazing sketches of birds. This is real Talent!

Actually coincidentally enough, I was online with her 2 days back and shes in Chengdu , and she says to me just had a massive Earthquake and shes siting outside of Internet Cafe and people are all over the streets chaotically. She took some pictures as well.

Funny thing is, she said despite the mayhem she can't see anything serious. After the last few days of news, it seems 20, 000 people are assumed missing and DEAD!!! Some towns have totally disappeared! Yikes. I'm glad shes safe and sound and rather cool about all of this-Bored almost!Ha ha!Enjoy the drawings!

Claire-Louise jedrek

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Anonymous bishan-kiddo said...

i have actually thought of going for lasik surgery as well (even though my eye sight is not really that bad but rather, more for my line of work). But on the side note as from what i've heard, it is not for-eva, meaning, the bad vision will creep back after perhaps a 10 yr span (after the surgery)? But it depends really on how we take care of our eyes thereafter.
Also, im sure ya know, it's really costly.

Sichuan was hit very badly. Your friend was fortunate. I think Chengdu had a mild hit of 3 or 4 reading. While Sichuan was extreme;7.8 in magnitude reading.

She sketch those drawings? wow. pretty.

2:32 am  
Blogger Email: said...

i know they are gorgeous right t, she has real talent and she isnt trained!

3:42 pm  
Anonymous Christine said...

My husband had Lasik (well, PRK which is about the same thing) and he said it wasn't too bad (scary wise). I think it looks terrifying! But, I still plan on (hopefully) getting the surgery next year. I might just pass out during it though *shudder*

11:36 pm  

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