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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hot like ENgland!!!

Yes England is actually Blistering hot as told by my sister who popped in over the last weekend from France to go see my family! Oh , last time i went back to Summer in UK was like 6 years ago or something! All these last years I made it a point to go back for Christmas, so it's been the rain, cold and snow!
Anyway point being, it's REALLY REALLY hot today!
Amazing weather, good for swimming and tanning but I decided to do that tomorrow.
I can't be too dark!!!

I managed to slip in 2 auditions for today down at Henderson road, so crossing fingers, if not its okay, then I'll head to town to meet Alicia 'taitai' Pan for some Power yoga!!!

Sometimes out of 10 auditions you go to , you get perhaps 1/2 jobs
and if your lucky 3/4!I've learnt not to be disappointed if I don't get it,
but the ones newer to the industry struggle
with being disappointed. But honestly, it's not about who is prettier etc, its more about what the client wants and if you fit that description. It can come down to the smallest things like colour of hair or eyes, so no point being disappointed if you don't have Blond hair or Blue eyes!

Well in the mean time , I came across a website that had photos of artistic architectural staircases that blew me away! Definitely something I'd want in my own house one day!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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what about this one?

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