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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


ARE U Kidding Me!!!!!
I read this in The Straits Times, Saturday May 24th,
The WORLD Quickly section....

KUALA LUMPAR: A Malaysian MP told parliament
that there would be fewer marital problems and a
lower divorce rate if Muslim women were taught
to accept Polygamy.

Independent MP Ibrahim Ali said this after another
MP noted that women were always blamed for
marital issues. "Such problems happen because
women cannot accept polygamy,"The Star daily
quoted him as saying.

He also said women who were pregnant or had
"problems" in their 50s did not understand that
men still wnated to "have fun"-a remark which
drew a strong response from one woman MP
and a minister, who said: "That man is a male chauvinist."
(Agence France-Presse)

Your damn right people- that was an absolutely disgusting
remark and clearly shows the mentality of these cavemen
ministers-atleast we know who are cheating on their wives !!!
You don't need to be a feminist nor female for that cause to
wonder what B.C. century he's living in !
Also, love it how ST didn't print it on their own name
but used it under the 'Agence France-Presse'
A Little dig on Malaysia?

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Blogger SheR. said...

Tell you what.. I would love to reverse the tables.

Tell the man to accept Polygamy too. So Muslim women can enjoy the benefits of having more than one husband. Solves all the problems for one and all.. One man can have more than one wife and his wives can in turn marry more than one man!

9:03 pm  
Blogger r1ooooo said...

I wonder why your chatterbox so often become unavailable??

C u ^^

11:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little dig on Malaysia?...hmmm... Is there a need to, Claire?

Rather interestingly in checking statistics females have outnumbered males in the UK population every year back to 1801 and before then but this is now reversing.

The population statistic for 2001 show UK had total population of 58,789,000 of whom 28,581,000 were male and 30,208,000 were female. Among the old the ratio female:male is much higher. The estimated population of over 85s is currently 313,00 males and 791,000 females.

BUT - the current population in age group 1 to 4 reverses trend with 1,384,000 males and 1,319,000 females, and in the 20 to 29 age group it is currently 3,697,000 males and 3,682,000 females etc.
(My source Whitaker's Almanack 2007).

Would you rather have for eg. ur sister be a kept woman or be married, legalised and have some rights being married rather than being a kept woman n co-habit and hurt the marriage instituition even more?

Am appaled by the minister's remarks but there are reasons y polygamy is being practiced by other religions....

My 2 cents worth :)

3:08 am  
Blogger Email: said...

well if the wife agrees to it thenby every right but like Sher says, what if the tables were turned on to the men and women had the same rights. it would be unheard of!

And well i think co-habiting is absolutely fine. I have a few friends who have not married and have just had kids and they have no problems at all. Co-habiting doe snot destroy hurt the marriage institution and is a choice.Marriage to some, is just a legal piece of paper making a proclamation of the vow to stick it through together through better or worse. Some want it , and others it doesn't work for them. Sometimes marriage is an important thing in some peoples life, but again, in others it means when making a vow.

Not sure how your comments on the kept woman and marriage is related to polygamy and your stats, you didn't make that clear, but for a ministers personal view aired to the public about men still wanting to have fun isn't right. His view should not be representing the government saying women were always blamed for the problems because they can't accept polygamy.

In this day and age women have been empowered with equality and the rights. But then again, if the woman married into this knowing monogamy was not an option then I guess that is her choice, unless it happens half way through marriage in which she was given a false sense of monogamy.

But his comments were definitely out of hand and so what if divorce rates were high , it must mean there is something wrong for the women to leave evidently as they don't agree.

dont forget its just a view...not a statement, infact i'll research more into it

4:38 pm  

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