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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I had the FUNNIEST conversation...well more of me laughing till my stomach hurt
and i swear i have a 6 pack now!!!!
You know that Chinese variety kind of show where like 16contestants are picked from the public and made into Celebrities or into the next actors/actresses, singers, dancers!!!! called
"U are the one"(click here for website).
Well G sees a TV ad for the show and the Voice Over says "YOU are the ONE"
and it changes to another advert. Well he turns around,

G says,"You are the One what?"

C says,"What you mean you are the one what?"

G says,"Well what are they?"

C (gives confused look)says,"HAhhahahaaAHHhahahahAHahahaahahAhA!"
C realises he has no idea what it means because it is a very weird way to brand a show!

Here's the show writeup,

"A total of 16 contestants will compete each week based on different themes and challenges. The score is based on 50% judges' score and 50% SMS votes. The top scorer for the week will be the thematic champion and this will give additional points to his or her total score in the competition. Resident judges include cosmetic guru Dr Georgia Lee, NMP Ms Eunice Olsen, Monsoon's honcho Addy Lee, artistes (local or foreign) and guest judges (based on theme).

In addition to the resident judges, based on the theme of the week, there will be 50 members of the public who will form the other half of the judging panel. For example, the Sexy Babe theme will have 50 sportsmen as guest judges.

8 finalists will proceed to the Grand Final where 1 male and 1 female champion will be crowned. The two of them will compete again and 1 overall champion will be crowned at the end of the grand final."

Claire-Louise Jedrek
*just incase any of you have the same hilarious conversation!!!*

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