GIRL-INTERRUPTED: I GOT Lost and did a Night TOUR!


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I GOT Lost and did a Night TOUR!

2 nights ago , i got home in a real fluster because I managed t get lost at Cecil street going back to Sentosa. My dance class at Studio Wu is on Cecil Street, so I picked my GF up at Caribbeans and made it to Cecil in like 10 minutes. IT was SOOO Near by!

On the way back though, I made a wrong turning trying to get on to the ECP or something,
and I ended up going past Esplanade, then to City Hall, to Suntec
and then back down River Valley to Lower delta to Sentosa,
the ONLY way i was SURE of.
It took m e like 45minutes. Boy was i Upset with myself,
but I still managed to take some Night pictures somehow , haha Trigger Happy!
In the mean time I'm gonna go sabotage Joakim Gomez
who I heard is going to a Spa in Bishan park, ahahah!
Hit you back later with those!

and ofcourse RANDOM other shots fro yesterday after Yoga
One of 2 besties, Jojo!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Anonymous chris said...

Great discoveries are found in our moment of confusion and bewilderment.

1:53 am  
Anonymous BK said...

It's not that bad I guess. I am always getting lost. Used to drive to NTU before. However, on my way back I would go on a 'long tour.' I would drive from NTU, missed the right exit and then drove all the way to Bukit Timah before making it into BKE again towards my home.

7:09 pm  
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