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Monday, May 19, 2008

funny Pictures!!!!

I haven't written since last Thursday-not terribly long ago
but I usually update Everyday!I'm kind of a Dory fish in some sections
and forget to share things I really wanted to!!!
So recapping from the week I came across some pictures
and other things while I was out...
The AWwwwwwww Pictures of a friend's Dog & what I came across:

The random funny pictures of signs and posters from
and lastly, a Girlfriend Kim, posted a hilarious picture of "Us 4 chicks" with our names tagged on these huge women!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Anonymous b-kiddo said... sweet the dog pics.

my fave is the 'sunny town erection party21' pic. look how happy he is. Smilin with a grin. he is a big boy now.

4:29 pm  

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