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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grasping the character

Oh how sick I have become overnight literally! When i want the rain to accompany my fever and nose dribbling and pressured ears- its BLAZING hot!

I didn't get a wink of sleep the night before.
Every hour I blinked the hours away looking at my phone time
only to hear the alarm go off at 6am. Well I told myself,
at least I didn't have to struggle with waking up as a comfort to a Long day ahead of filming.
Being stuck in a 10x10 dark air-conned room was not helping much and whats worse is I had a 'kissing' scene. Oh not good for the other party but i took my meds and my amazing Manager susie came to the rescue and came all the way down to the location and brought me Lemsip and Panadol for flu- Saviour!

I some how managed to get through the day with a hilarious lunch session with Adrian and Primero, when we went to some nearby Korean restaurant that only served set meals. We thought oh well, but when the fod came out, all individual dishes looked enough for 6 people!!! It was a steam-boat styled lunch and once the waiter recognised Adrian he brought out all sorts of free desserts and drinks, not including a discount and his money back in an envelope- We all left giggling and bursting at the seams.

Primero and Adrian P.

Thank God my bikini scene was earlier to the lunch scene!
I'm glad for the company of the cast and crew.
If not for their boisterious chat and funny antics,
I don't think I'd have made it through the day from 7-6pm.
thank you!!!
I then found out to my chagrin that 3 other people had previous flu/colds!
the constant bus rides and time spent together, I was bound to get something-Gah!
Sorry Julz-looks like I mighthave passed the cold onto you !


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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