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Friday, March 06, 2009

DO you Thursdays???

Tuesdays and Thursdays are definitely the 2 most insignificant days of the week for some reason. They are in between nowhere!It's also these days that I get up to random nights of roaming with my fellow 'hood rat' boys..

I went over to Alessias(Dond girl S2) to have a good catch up since i got back from SA 3 weeks ago, with the local bitchings and great news we both had to share. She painted my nails and I tutted at the Boys trying to be Men in her world.

In the mean time, I was virtually uncontactable and when I put my dead phones Sim card into Alessias I had 20plus missed calls-Whoops.
YES! LG's SECRET is a shiteous phone and i will convert to Black Berry in the near future,
as is Everyone I know. Well fact is I also accidentally dribbled nail polish remover over it in SA and it began to peel and the side panel randomly fell off last week. I thought it was wicked looking becuase of the carbon fibre-but as you should apply to everything else-DON'T go for looks.

SO got picked up and headed over to the Ferrari garage to go look at
Marcus's new Ferarri 599 which is too be matted out white.
It's actually pretty bloody awesome, though prefering Lambo over Ferarri any day!

Heade for dinner at Cafe Iguana in Clarke Quay and left just before it started to Bawl down and headed over to Le Noir for quick drink then to Haagan Daaz where the heavens opened and poured like no tomorrow. Shockingly Haagan Daaz icecream and shakes are Horrendous-Yikes!!!

Then as aimlessly as per norm we hot Mustafa to go look at Music CD's and Dvd's and to go look around...

Reminds me i cant WAIT for Wolverine to hit the cinemas.
Definitely one of the better characters- I cant believe G doesn't like Xmen-WTf??!?!?!

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