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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nothing better but an F1 sunday!

The 2009 cars for the Formula 1 are completely different and somewhat ugly and almost old school looking. The spoilers look like those drag race cars!
I've just finished watching the 1st race of the season in Melbourne
and it definitely was a great start to the year with an Amazing comeback for Button and the Brawn team who a few weeks ago had no idea if they were racing or not without financial backing.
Much luck for Hamilton for his 4th placing when in the last 3 laps, Kubica hits into Vettel.

This season is gonna be completely different what with the new rules and modifications.
It's pouring down and after a big night out, I couldn't think of a better weekend with the thunder and lightening, the couch and friends chilling.
We had all thought about hitting KM8 but, we can forget that.

One last thing!!! Such a lie for Maclaren and the news surrounding how shit their cars are.
I totally agree that all the speculation of the cars was to trick everyone!
Now I have to wait another week:(

Besides from all the speed and adrenaline- I've had a crazy work week filming, with getting up at 6am every morning and sometimes back at 8pm. The pool scenes i had to film, really made me pass out at night being in the hot sun and splashing around! Well i appreciate the nice tan!!!

Break snacks! Chee chong Fun and Siew Mai-YUM!

Behind the scene muscles-Kiwi!

Julz and Hanson messing around!

Eddie, Paul and Hanson-In our Pirate Gear

Above the Pool yesterday!

My life seems to revolve at the moment around My Hoodratting boys, cars, filming and now the F1!!! I need to get back into exercising- I have no time!

Tuesday beforemy filming i have a stand in for AXN's Ebuzz on Tuesday so it will be a long day running around in make up. There is a tendancy to want to wear as little makeup as possible when I'm away from filming. I usually get home wet wipe my make up, and using Biohomme's facial cleanser and a sponge I scrub my face clean and with all the eye glue and mascara it usually means these Oiled up cotton pads to clean off the carbon makeup!

It's no wonder my face is whiter than my body becuase it's constantly being cleaned.
Another shout out to my favourite pre-make up product that
I swear by is the Clarins BEAUTY FLASHBALM.
It's actually amazing and somehow replumps your skin!!!! Get it!!!

I don't have much time to see my friends, excpet formthat is very late night Sweet eatings at Swensons and P.S. Cafe a Dempsey, even going all the way to the night Safari for Indian food, hahah!

Will post up more, been slacking from the usual postings.
Over and out!
ErialC aka Claire-Louise Jedrek xxx

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Blogger David said...

dropping by and clicked on ur ads.. hahas
have a great sunday yea!!

5:57 pm  
Anonymous Joanne said...

i like your muscles.. haha :D

9:48 pm  

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