GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Cutest & Possibly Biggest Kitten I've seen in a while!


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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cutest & Possibly Biggest Kitten I've seen in a while!

I forgot to mention , when i headed over to Alessia's for chits and chats,
her mum had bought a new Persian kitten, that looked uncannily similar
to their previous one that had passed away last year.
He was quite large for a 1 and a half month old kitten,
but I'm guessing if you had dunked him into a bowl of water ,
he would have shrunk to half it's fluffy ball!

It was hard to rip your attention away from such playsome horrors,
tearing up and down the couch, puffing up sideways,
and then collapsing into a huffy heap, panting and blinking at you.

Oh i could squeeze and eat him up..
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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