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Monday, March 09, 2009

Rain is here to stay

It absolutely pouring down and I'm on set at the moment for my first day of filming.
Yes I have my laptop here to entertain me but i thought ahead and
Assumed there was Wifi and lucky for me , the boy's dorm does!

Feeling slightly sleep but was out with the Rats last night doing the random eating's at cuppage terrace Japanese restaurant , not forgetting going all the way
to the airport for Swensons ice cream.
Previous to that, we went for a movie at Marina Square. We watched Watchmen, and after being slightly bummed that a friend said it was shiteous and too long, I went in with no expectations, only to leave the cinema actually quite liking the movie. It was quite long, but I love movies you can watch a 2nd time and see things that you missed. I actually thought from TV shots that
the movie was completely animated, but it turned out they made them up heavily to give them a very comic look!I'd say if you like intelligent movies that are slightly wordy, go watch it.
MAde me think of the 911 aftermath in Manhattan though....

The boys going thru' their midlife crisis, getting excited with crayons
at the airport!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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