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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleep Fest 2008

What U Mean NOT on the MENU?
The things you learn from other people- I had no idea you could order off the menu.
For instance had a nice dinner at Mezzanine and while some of you may think-
a Cheese burger , medium rare is NOT dinner-
OH but it is when the burger was like a steak fillet-YUM!!!!
Okay point is, my friend orders a LAMB burger and
i'm searching up and down the menu for it and he finally says -
"no its not on there, it will be specially prepared" O-K......
hmm but waiting an hour for it ,
Forget it even though there were some certain other privileges!

Have you noticed alot of celebrity pregnancies-
Tis the Season for Mating!

1. Gwen Stefani
2. Angelina Jolie(Apparently she and Brad got hitched over the weekend in New Orleans)
3.Nicole Kidman (finally! isn't she nearly 50?)
4.Jessica Alba

Must be the Latest Fashion Trend!!!Hahahaha

Well I had a really good rest in Saturday doing exactly what I wanted to do-Nothing but be a Couch Potato!!! Was busy with rehearsals for Wedding Affair and filming (MSU winner) and Rachel Doss and 2 Dond boys.

Today was a great chilled day as well, swimming, tidying up, and trying to FISH with a safety pin, netting and string. Haha, Spent about one hour feeding the fish out by the water! Simple pleasures in life!!!But an absolute failing-no fish captured at all!

This week I will try meet up with all the girls because I do believe i've been MIA for the last week or so!Oh read up that "ALI G" aka Sacha Baron Cohen is in the works and filming his Gay reporter character. I dont hink it'll be as great as BORAT but certainly entertaining in his crude-daring ways ofcourse.

Anyone seen VANTAGE POINT?
I have soooo many movies to catch up on Shutter-The Eye-Horton!!!!! I heard Vantage point was very slow the first half and it got better towards the end???
Reminds me- I have to finish my puzzle at home. I've done the edges but thats about it! Yikes*sack round the head*

Okay I got new pics to load of The Wedding Affair backstage, so those willbe up tomorrow.Kisses!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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