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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spontaneous Flings!!!

Saturday while at Le Noir,
1) I meet my cousin who I haven't seen in a Long while,

2) Me and Lilian with G and a friend in tow, march confidently towards the GX-5 Xtreme Swing(next to the Gmax Reverse Bungy) after I mention it to Lilian.
We pay $40 dollars each an din the next 5minutes or so we were being strapped up the crotch at midnight to this metal cage and wondering how did we get there so fast!
Was exhilirating while it pulls you u on to one tower 40m in the air-
and another passenger pulls a cord and
we go Hurtling through the clear warm singapore night. WEeeeeeeeeeeee!
Well Me and Lilian that is-
the boys stood there with our belongings thinking about "SAFER" things
that they could be doing- Like strolling down the River- Or having Supper!!!

3) I find out Paul Foster is back in town after his stint in Thailand , so we're glad to have him back in the scene!

4)My FHM April Cover is out and Van the floor Manager for Le Noir saw a big massive board of me at the launch of FHM's 100 Girl Next Door. No i'm not one of them just to be sure! But was really weird having random dudes come up and take pictures once they saw me there:SWill post those pictures up!!!

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