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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SKip GLide and TRip

SO i should be off to KL next week for the
F1's Seasons 2nd race from the 20th -23rd March!
Boy has this month flown by faster then I can Say F1!
Nearly a year will go by when my sister has left for France.

My plans are always chopping about and
I need to make it to Taiwan in April because
my best mate Alicia Pan is deciding to make a move back
to the Moody, Storming, cramped island.
Meaning I will HAVE no REASON to go visit her or GO there!

Anyway had a yummy BBQ yesterday at the Caribbeans hosted by Alicia and her friends from Taiwan (but Canadian) were in town for the weekend- so had a get together and ate away!
We managed to get the Girls all in one place minus Lilian!!!

Don't Forget the
CLEO bachelor awards at Zouk on the 14th!!!
SEE u there!!!
Will be supporting a few friends
mainly Joakim Gomez(S'pore idol)
and Poly mate and DOND boy Daniel Jacobs!!!

Okay Pictures pictures!!!!

Claire-Louise JEdrek

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