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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Changing winds?

So i had an interesting week-things seem to be leveling out to a plateau and hopefully I reach the other side where its all down hill from then on! Till then it's Trod trod plod!

Had a Great Friday out which was one of the best in a long while, especially since all the random people from London and elsewhere decided to fly in at the SAME time and appear in the SAME place! Absolutely brilliant surprises!

And as always will load some other fun clips from Attica and MOS- in which it has been a while!
Will load some random pictures we took in the Supermarket- Very Questionable products!!!
Annie's NAturals?????

Friday 21stMarch @Attica

Jye at MOs and swapping Soles for the night!
Also int'l editor for FHM

Also speaking of which i did not go to Sepang because i was feeling under the weather
BUT that didn't stop me from watching it!
I needed good rest but i did catch the F1 in the Maserati show room with the Ferrari boys
though I have to admit i'm still a Mclaren fan and
Alonso but alas Alonso is way down the charts with Renault.
A big uproar awhen Massa spun out and hit the gravel. I had to hide my glee of course.
In which case I got a photos of a Very hot Car in RollsRoyce.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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