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Monday, January 28, 2008

Aaliyah - I Care 4 You

hey my baby,
why you lookin' so down,
seems like you need lovin'
baby you need
a girl like me

hey my baby
tell me why you cry
here take my hand and
wipe those tears from your eyes

can i to talk to you? (can i talk to you)
comfort you(ohh ohh)
let you know (just wanna let you know)
i care for you (you)

hey sexy baby,
why'd ya girl leave you in pain
to let a fine man like you go
she must be insane

hey sexy baby,
there's no need to worry, no
oh boy if you call on me,
i'll come,
i'll come in a hurry

can i talk to you(come on)
comfort you(i love you)
let you know (ohhh baby)
i care for you(i love you, yes i do)

hold on hold on
stay strong stay strong
press on, for me baby
I care for you for you

can i talk to you? (i wanna talk)
comfort you (i wanna hold you tight baby)
let you know (i wanna let you know that)
i care for you (i care for you)

Can I talk to you?


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