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Monday, January 21, 2008

Being stressed kinda makes me lose my appetite too, its not something I can help... So though i HATE rushing around its good, cause it keeps me busy and not so bothered about having to look at food and make stupid decisions! Anyway ,

some Ups on my weekend.

Thursday: I went for my first Salsa lesson, learning the basics of the Street salsa version and I had a great time doing something new and refreshing. We all had to swap around our partners and learn the different beats.

Friday: I just worked on a telecoms shoot with other dancers and models at the Skate park from 6.30am till 3.30pm on Friday, so that was Tiring at such unearthly hours and of course it was Blazing hot so i got slightly burnt and our photographer , who by the way IS an AMAZING Photographer go take a look at his website! You will be able to spot me in the Skate park picture, I'll post it. His name is Jing aka Matt ,plus he has such Fantastic energy and motivation, he was a real machine out in the Sun and he got entirely burnt!

Saturday: popped in for work at 8am for some recording and Voice overs for the NEXT episode of Nokia Nseries 14 days and then at 10am I made my way down with friends to the Singapore Tyler Print Institute and we did a full day workshop from 10am to 5pm on the basic methods of printing. It was really interesting and something quite random. We had to etch our designs on to perspective plastic and then add ink and clean off the plate,in which the ink will get into the little cracks and then its pressed on a huge machine with a big wheel you turn and your image that you etched onto the plastic sheet comes out! I really wanna go back for some more workshops, i really wished my sister was here so she could have done
it, she would have rally loved messing around with paint and ink!

Also presetnly showing in the Art gallery was work s by ANJU DODIYA called ' ALL NIGHT I SHALL GALLOP', truthfully amazing pieces you should try go see because its for free. For those not knowing where you can find it , its practically next to Butter Factory in Robertson Quay!

Sunday i was really very tired and at night chilled by KM8 watching some of the fire performers, making me reminisce about Koh Phangan , in which I think i will end up going to again in March with Lilian and maybe Alessia if she is still interested!

Okay shall end now, i decided to head to a dance class with my girls Alicia 'taitai' Pan and Jojo, OOo managed to meet Kim for lunch too at her office when i went to an audition next door at Gravity studios...not bad for one day! Had a great chat and catch up, i should do this more!

Later fools,
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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