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Thursday, January 17, 2008

How To Jump With an Umbrella!

SO some pictures with my darling beloved sister and XMAS with my Grandad which i hope to go see in Summer. I feel more of the need to spend more time with him and maybe he won't choke as much, as he thinks each time he'll never see us again! That's the reality of things and these last few years, I've been back to see him because he is about 90...

It's a hard choice when you are trying to save but then when it comes to family and especially since I live half way around the world I don't mind being penniless and having to save up all over again. It means especially alot more since I didn't get to see my Nanny before she passed away and I couldn't go to her funeral because I was having my exams, so it kind of means alot more to want to see him as often as i can.
As always , its better to regret what you have done rather then Regret what you Haven't or Didn't do.

Anyway I really wanna go back for Summer to UK and maybe go to Europe for a bit, have to see, I f I can afford to go that far cuz i still wanna visit my cousin in Miami, but my work is on Random days its hard to plan, since alot of stuff comes in Advance!

Hmm tonight starting the Group Salsa classes, so that should be interesting especially since I haven't done any classes on that before. I'm tyring to up it on the exercise, will try and go for other dance classes with Alicia 'taitai' pan and Jojo.

I'm also rushin off to the Magazine launch of PLAYEUR journals, nothignmuch on the website but go look anyway!!! Going there with Maggie..yes 1st Seasons's No.4...she'll be in this issue and she looks DELicious!!!

In the mean time, i'm still getting a bit busier with random shoots and auditions and I have yet to film the next episode of the
Nokia Nseries 14days...... the new one is out about HOW TO SKIVE in the's quite funny actually and I kind of like how this get up was done! this is the previous one for XMas....the FCUK show held in Zouk

Will end here and show you mini thrown together pictures of my time at Lilians house in UK and our Balloon Party and My sister on how to Jump with an Umbrella...ahahaha

Peace and Carrots

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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