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Monday, November 12, 2007

www.movies-flights.dvds/ lunches

Yeah so been coming home and being completely knackered and zonking out!
Not much this weekend except the usual rushing in my life of Trying to book tickets, schedule for work Etc.I've been thrown upon the opportunity to fly back to London to go see my hard-cracking, stubborn old Grandad. I heard this year is gonna be HELLA cold as in comparison to when i went last year where the snow was late, it was relatively warm for most people (not me though).

SOoooooo from now to then I'm pretty tight in schedule with work, events, filming, shoots Etc. The Good, The Bad and The Fugly...I suddenly have a onslaught of things to do. I've always said this and I'll say it again, God forsake me, why is it when I'm Idle I'm INCREDIBLY idle, when I'm Busy, it happens in one Big Blob!

Apart from all the Courts(I'm the new court's girl for the Xmas season:) hahah have a good laugh , i will post some pictures) promotions and appearances, i have a shoot for Arena, and other minor projects and more filming for 14 Days the Nokia N series, in which I'll be doing something up in KL for 3 days just before i Leave for London....ahh yes

OFF to NEXT: I'm going to LONDON!!! hmm really short notice, getting tickets is an insane TASK, EVERYWHERE and Everything is booked, you'd think 1 seat would be available somewhere. I'm paying through my ass for a transit ticket in Frankfurt!

This years Xmas better be as good as I hope it would be, I might make a flight up to Aberdeen to visit some friends in Aberdeen from Singapore and I'm trying to go see my sister in France, but i foresee little possibility of any of this as the dates draw nearer. Hhmm, another holiday you may ask??? but this is with purpose not another escapade to some foreign fantasy like Brasil, but wait F1 is a purpose, my bad!

Movie of the Week:
Hmm I'm trying to keep this updated as much as i Can but I've been Out and about- managed to catch The Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld, it was not too bad, sarcasm and what not at it's best without trying to be to Crude for the kid's, what has REALLY distracted me and I never thought about it, is


People I am telling you WATCH Boston Legal, i didn't think it would be any where near Good, James Spader is my God- think The secretary , BUT he's way Weirder in this with his womanising and Fetishes. I LOVE him -an Absolute Declaration!

Besides that home made lunches made on the spot with the Crew, Boston Legal , a dig at Risk that didn't happen....

Non-recommendations: Pete's Place, downstairs Hyatt, crap service, food and Presentation for those kind of prices....hmmm, and waiting time ridiculous! Don't bother going!

Video of the Week:


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